Fair is Fair

John and his friends had been downtown wandering aimlessly, just killing time before the bars opened. They’d made passes at a few girls they’d bumped into, trying to persuade them to come out with them in the evening. It hadn’t gone to poorly, but John felt that no matter what he did, he couldn’t get any of them to pay attention to him any more than the rest of his friends. “Oh well” he thought, “so long as a few girls show up I’ll have a chance.”

They wandered into their favorite pub about an hour before sundown. It might be too early to start partying, but they could split a pitcher and a few plates of food while they wait for the crowds to come in. As they bummed around the place, John’s friend Steve called off to the bartender “Hey Frank, is that fortune teller machine in the corner new? Thing looks ancient.”

“Huh, you know, it just might be. Linda doesn’t seem to tell me nothing around here, least of all how she spends our money. Might as well use the damn thing, I can’t imagine anybody parted with an antique like that for less than a fortune.”

They crowded around the thing out of boredom more than anything else. Matt took out his wallet to pay the fare, only to realize there didn’t seem to be any sort of coin slot anywhere on the machine. “Hmm” he said, confused, “these things usually turn on when you put the money in. I wonder how this one works.” John leaned behind it to see if it just needed to be plugged in, but it didn’t look like there was any cord to be plugged in to begin with. With no other ideas coming to mind, John squeezed the handle hard. The eyes of the fortune teller lit up, its mouth dropped open, and it hissed in the grainy voice only decades old radio can provide “what is your command?” At the same time, the three lightbulbs above the fortune teller’s head lit up.

“A genie machine?” said Drew, “That’s actually not a bad idea, getting a bunch of drunks confessing their deepest desires in the corner sounds like a good bit of fun for the owners.” “Who says they’re just confessions” John mocked, “I for one wish I was 10 times hotter than the rest of you losers put together.” They all laughed, but John abruptly stopped as he felt a shiver run down his spine. Oh hot damn, if he’d known it was for real he would have wished to be 50 times hotter.

He felt a tingling in his face as the changes began. His friends gaped in a mix of curiosity, amazement, and horror as his facial hair fell away, his eyes grew big and round, and his lips plumped. A rusty reddish brown head of hair cascaded down past his rapidly narrowing shoulders. John panicked, realizing something was wrong as he started to look up at the faces of his formerly fellow men. He hadn’t been the tallest in their clique, but at 6’2” he’d never have called himself short. Now he realized his eyes only came up to Matt’s chin, and Matt was barely 5’8″ himself.

John stared as though that would show him why he was shrinking, only to be further shocked by what he saw. Underneath his now ludicrously loose t-shirt he saw his chest slowly expanding, two orbs becoming more and more prominent even through his baggy clothes. “Just stop!” he silently pleaded. “If they stop there they might not be that noticeable.” But a voice in the back of his head told him that wasn’t going to happen; if he, er she, was going to be as hot as she wished, these things still had a ways to go. When they were finally finished John was astounded. He was never an expert on bra sizes, but these things had to be D cups at least, if not more. It was debatable if he’d even be able to fit one in his hand. As he raised his right hand he realized it wasn’t debatable at all; there was no way his delicate little fingers could grasp one of his new tits in its entirety.

He was ready to collapse and give up, but he felt a constant tingling telling him his changes weren’t over yet. His hips were killing him, and in a couple of seconds it became clear why. With a loud pop the button and zipper of his jeans tore open, letting the fabric stretch wide. He felt his pants being forced down by his still widening hips, and try as he might, all he accomplished when he pulled them up was sending jiggling shockwaves through his firm, round ass. Luckily, with his shrinking frame, his shirt came down low enough to serve as a short dress. No matter how much John hated the thought, he knew he needed something to cover himself somehow. As he pulled down on the hem of his shirt, he was amazed at how much it would cover. He had lost about a foot of height, but it seemed like no more than a couple inches of it had come from his legs.

He franticly began fumbling with his belt, tearing it out of his pants and trying to put it over his waist so his shirt would pull up every time he moved his arms. After the rapid growth of his hips, he was confused when he couldn’t get the belt to fit his waist even on the tightest setting. He pulled his shirt tight to his body and gasped as he saw his new amazing hourglass figure for the first time. He managed to tie the belt around his waist, and not a moment too soon, as an elastic twang heralded the last bit of growth from his hips and ass, and the accompanying tearing of his boxers. His pants and underwear fell to the floor around his ankles in a heap, exposing his long, toned, and perfectly hairless legs. He felt a cool breeze blow under his impromptu dress, and knew he was now completely female.

With the change finished, John lost his mind. She rounded on the fortune teller machine immediately; just in time to watch one of the three lights blink out. “I wish to be a man!” she bellowed, anger only making her honeyed soprano more adorable. She waited optimistically, but nothing changed. She heard a shutter snap behind her, and turned around to see the bar full of guys staring at what she realized was the hottest girl any of them had ever seen wearing nothing but a T-shirt. She hadn’t exactly been quiet about transforming, and that sort of thing tends to draw people in of the street. “Fuck! I wish we had some fucking privacy!” She screamed, and in an instant she and her 4 friends found themselves alone in a spotless white room.

“What the fuck?” asked Drew. They all starred warily at the old machine, which had followed them to wherever they were now. Another one of the lights had blinked away, leaving only one lit. “OK” said Steve, “what do we know? It looks like you started with 3 wishes, and you’ve used up 2. I’m also guessing it won’t let you cancel old wishes, which is why you couldn’t just wish youself back to being a guy. It also looks like the wishes change other little things to accommodate the main change, like the push-up bra it gave you”. John glared at Steve in anger, sure Steve was making fun of her situation. But another part of her couldn’t help but be turned on by her friend talking about her new breasts, indirect or not. Her small nipples stiffened in arousal, poking out prominently on her shirt. “Jesus Christ, you’re not wearing a bra?” Steve let out. “ You’re doing that by yourself? I didn’t know they even made tits like that!”

John tried to hide the pleasure she took hearing that, but it was useless. She blushed hard enough that she could practically hear it, and couldn’t stop staring at Steve with her new pale green eyes. She lightly bit her lower lip, not realizing she was doing it. “Hold up!” yelled Matt, “I can see where this is going, not cool man!” John realized what she was doing, and took a couple steps back, embarassed. She was glad Matt had been looking out for her. “If Jen’s gonna become anybody’s girlfriend, it’ll be mine!”

“Who are you calling Jen!” she wheeled on Matt and punched him in the chest, although he didn’t so much as grunt. “Yeah!” agreed Drew, “You don’t get to tell my girlfriend what her new name is going to be!”

John was furious “I’m a man” she thought, “I can’t believe my friends are fighting over who gets to fuck me.” But another thought rose from the back of her mind uninvited. “I haven’t even been a girl an hour and already I’ve got 4 guys fighting over me.” She tried to dismiss it, but she couldn’t help realizing how turned on she was getting watching the men argue. She almost stopped listening to what they were saying entirely, watching their muscles bulge as they pushed each other around. Her attention was drawn back in sharply when she watched Steve grab the lever or the fortune teller. “Don’t use the last-“ but she couldn’t finish her last sentence before Steve yelled “I wish John would decide how to pick her new boyfriend before we leave here.”

John watched as the machine’s light blinked out, and it vanished altogether. “You dick!” she screamed at Steve, only to see her friends all staring at the door. Or rather, they were staring at the blank stretch of wall where the door had been. “Fuck” Matt said, “now we’re stuck here until John tells us what we have to do to be her boyfriend.”

Just then, John had an idea. She could give them any task, and they’d be magically bound to follow it, no matter what. She started off “First of all, none of you are allowed to fight over me or hit on me anymore until the boyfriend thing is decided. And once it’s decided, nobody will remember anything about this genie business except me and the winner. Second of all, my boyfriend will love me, and I don’t just mean my body. He’ll love that too, but he’ll totally embrace me as a person.” “Alright alright” said Chris, “Just tell us what we have to do.” John smiled at her own cleverness. She could tell by some of the feelings she had to keep pushing away that she might very well want to try dating a guy at some point in the future, but she couldn’t see it happening for at least 5 years. So she’d come up with the perfect solution. She could stop them from flirting with her indefinitely, and god forbid if the time ever came that she actually wanted a man, all she’d have to do is give him the right invitation.

“I think my lover should be the one who can prove they want me the most. Whoever is able to cum on me first wins. Fair is fair.” She smiled, knowing none of them would ever force themselves on her. She’d basically told them she wouldn’t pick now, but they could ask again later. She was shocked when another flash of light ripped through the room, and she found herself naked, kneeling on the floor. Her friends stood around her, towering over her as they stroked their cocks. She cursed at what had just happened. Why hadn’t she known she’d have to go through with this immediately if she wanted to leave? This was bullshit! In the back of her mind though, the voice she had been trying to silence cried out in joy. She had barely realized what she was doing when she felt the jolt of pleasure from her fingers caressing her dripping pussy. She’d fingered plenty of girls in the past, but she doubted it felt anything like this. This was pure ecstacy. In notime at all she felt herself seize with pleasure, and felt a warm wetness as her own fluids gushed over her legs.

She looked up, and saw the door reappear behind her friends, still pumping away. The exploded over her face and tits almost in unison. One by one they collapsed beside her as she licked herself clean like it was the most natural, and pleasurable, thing in the world. She giggled as she scooped the last bit of cum out of her cleavage, slurping it down and wondering who exaclty she was tasting. She looked at all the satisfied faces around her, trying to figure out which of them had just won.

“Could the rest of you leave” she asked coyly, “I think I want to go for round 2 with my boyfriend alone.” She was a little surprised by how seductive she sounded, and much more surprised to realize she meant it. If she didn’t get a cock in her soon who knew what she’d do? “Boyfriend? Jess, what gives?” Steve said. “Yeah” added Drew, “What happened to ‘as long as we’re all single we might as well have some fun’?” Jess (was that really her name now?) looked around incredulously, it appeared that all four of them had forgotten about the wishes, and none of them was her boyfriend. Then she remembered her first orgasm as a woman. She’s cum all over herself before any of them had a chance.

“You know I like to watch you guys squirm” she joked. “But seriously, 4 guys is a bit much for me. How about 1 or 2 of you comes home with me and we have a wild night in” She grinned devilishly. The final wish had come true. Everybody had forgotten the old John, remembering nothing but Jess. She had a complete and total love for herself, and plenty of passion to go with it. But why should she hog all the passion for herself when she could share it? After all, fair is fair.


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