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X-Change – Jim, Now Jenny

My friend was studying for massagist. “Hey, I needed to practice a new technique I am learning. But I need a girl to test it; it is a breast massage technique. So… would you take an X-Change to help me?” he asked to me. I knew he was getting good with his hands, so I took the pill. Then my body changed under my clothes, in the shape of a beautiful lady. Read more

Not your ordinary massage

“Please lie on table”, the thai masseuse instructed Matt. He had seen forward to this all day after an business associate had extolled the place vehemently. It would be a nice break from his everyday stress.
He did as he was instructed.
“You new here. Where you work?”, the thai lady asked him. She was kinda blunt with her questions but perhaps that was because she apparently didn´t handle the language that well.
“I work at Omnitech, the big company outside town. Perhaps you know of it?”
“Yes Yes. I heard of Omnitech. Very big company”. It seemed to have interested in her.
Good pay?” Another blunt question.
“I do well for myself”. He didn´t mention his six-figure salary a year. The masseuse glanced at his gold ring instead.
She looked him over. Muscular. In good shape. Still young. Attractive looks.
“You will do”, he heard the lady say.
“Huh?”. What did she talk about, Matt wondered.
The masseuse put her palms together and formed a wedge with her hands. She muttered a couple of words and forced her hands violently down into Matt´s back.
“Ngh!”, Matt gasped. All of his muscles contracted painfully at once and all air in his lungs escaped him.
The thai lady parted her hands that was burrowed into Matt´s back, parting his skind and opened up a hole.
The inside wasn´t filled with any organs of any kind, all there was was void and walls made of flesh. Read more


The little bell above the door alerted the staff about my arrival into their small institution. It was out of a whim that I entered.
“Hello! Welcome! I´ll be with ya soon”, a woman yelled from the back. Fiften seconds later she moved away the curtain from the doorway. A young woman of twentyfive with raven black hair greeted me with a dazzling smile and kind eyes. “Hello there. What can I help you with?”
“Um. I would want a massage. One hour. Do you have a spot in the schedule right away?”
Her eyes contemplated me intensly for a couple of seconds with her chin resting on her knuckles. She nodded. “I think I can squeeze you in”, she uttered in a serious tone. The very next moment she was all chirpy and glad when she told me where to undress and where the bed was. I thanked her. Read more

The three hundred

It will be hard to believe, but one day, for no reason at all, I found an old dusty notebook on my desk. It was completely empty, no one had written on it before. I didn’t give it much thought, I was sure someone else had forgotten it. I took it to the front desk, but as soon as I was back at my desk, the notebook was there again. It was impossible, almost like it had teleported or something. Read more

Inspecting them before hopping them

Having a good reputation as a tantric masseur made things so much easier finding proper targets.
Every now and then a customer entered Jakes establishment that suited his tastes just fine.
It was so easy. They would undress and then place themselves on the bench, turned downwards. As I performed the massage I could also sample the goods at the same time.
When the massage was nearing its completion I usually struck. All of them had been lying there, helpless and unknowing when I entered their bodies through their back. Read more

Deep Tissue

Jack walked into the massage parlor. He had been feeling rather stressed lately, and felt a massage would help him. The lady noticed him when he walked in. “You’re Jack, here for the deep tissue massage?” She asked. Jack nodded. “Great!” She said “Walk down the hallway, 2nd door to the left.” Jack thanked her and walked to the room she pointed out. When he walked in and shut the door, he suddenly heard it lock behind him “Wait! No! I have to be able to get out!” Jack shouted “Let me out!” A voice came out of the intercom. “Don’t worry sir. This is perfectly normal. The masseuse will be in with you shortly. Just undress and prepare for the massage.” Jack calmed down, thinking this happened during every massage. He took off all of his clothes and draped a towel over his butt after lying down on the bed. He thought it was odd that it was a bed and not a massage bench, but lied down anyway. As soon as he did this, he heard a hissing noise coming from the vents, and when he looked over, Jack saw a pink gas starting to fill the room. He wanted to run over to the door, but before he could do anything, he fell asleep. When he woke up, everything felt different. He looked into the mirror and saw a new face look back at him. His reflection was of a woman, and a hot one at that. She looked almost like she could’ve been a stripper, with the combination of her slightly slutty looking face and her fairly large boobs. Jack heard the door start to open, and quickly ran over to the bed and watched the door, as a young man, probably in his twenties, walked in. “So you’re todays client, huh? You must be pretty confused, but don’t worry, I’ll make sure you feel welcomed. Apparently your new name is Jacqui, which is pretty.” The man walked over to the bed after making sure the door was locked. Jacqui tried to run as soon as the man got close to him. Jacqui ran around the room for a while, and the man could not catch her, but eventually he caught her. He was surprisingly strong. He picked up Jacqui, despite her best protests, and carried her to the bed. He forcefully put her chest down on the bed and chained her to it tightly. She could barely move in her restraints. She saw him take off his shirt, then pants, then underwear, until she saw his incredible cock. It was so huge, she couldn’t believe it. Jacqui started to realize “He’s not going to stick that into me, is he? That must be like 10 inches length and like 4 inches around!” The man held Jacqui down and took off the restraints. Jacqui tried to run, but as soon as she tried to, he started pumping his giant dick into her pussy. She felt too weak from the pleasure to run. All she could think about was the feeling, and when she orgasmed, it was the greatest thing shed ever experienced. The man took advantage of her weakness and gave her a stripper’s clothes and said “Your stripper name is Jacqueline Jugs. We programmed pole dancing into your system when we changed you. We have paying clients out there, so go out and do great, he said as he pushed her into a stage with three girls already dancing. She grabbed onto the pole and prepared for her new job.