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Trying It Out

Believe us. We never thought we’d be here. At no stage did we think it would be like this. We were both just ordinary teenage boys who did ordinary teenage boy things. We were nothing special, just normal boys living normal lives. Read more


See that snowflake on my chest? well, that is the source of my powers. It is usually not visible, but whenever I use my abilities, it glows and becomes visible for a few seconds. Read more

A Happy Twist – Part 3

(if the title didn’t clue you in, this is part 3 of an ongoing series. Click on my name to read the rest. Want more? Have any suggestions? Please comment!) Read more

Not with tight shorts

Here I am smiling a little nervously.
We are a very close family, but this was too much. My daughter, the one with the too short white shorts, was traveling abroad alone for the first time. Of course, I was worried I’m her father. Read more


At one point in his life every man should go to a femparty. This is a party where everyone becomes women. They are a lot of fun and many men retain their female form. Luke, Norman, John, Morris and Ernie (Left to Right) went to one and were astonished by their new forms. They became Lucy, Natalie, Jenna, Michelle and Elise (Left to Right). Jenna was simply shocked by her form and changed back to a male at the conclusion of the party. This was a disappointment to the rest because Jenna was arguably the hottest. Natalie reformed back as well. However Lucy, Michelle and Elise remained female and are still women today. There are rumours that they may never go back.

It’s pretty exciting (part two)

When Fred’s friend John became Jess he became very jealous. Jess seemed to be having so much fun she was always laughing and smiling and wearing pretty clothes and lipstick. Fred thought maybe he would be happy if he did the same thing. So Fred encountered an “accidental” chemical waste spill. Fred who now prefers the name Fiona lost all body weight and grew a plump ass, Fiona soon had delicate facial features, long hair and soft breasts. Fiona’s transformation was complete when she had fully female plumbing. Fiona now spends most of her time with Jess as they buy clothes for their new female bodies. Fiona simply loves inspecting herself enjoying her new feminine features. She finds it so exciting to be a different gender.

Cuddle the cat

When I look back, the fact that my experiment failed is not such a bad thing.
Of course, it blew up half of my house, but my cat Cuddle and I survived. We were both altered by the experience but at least we were alive!
Sure, I wasn’t happy about becoming a woman, but I became younger in the process, which was a quite good thing I would say.
And, at first, I thought that the fact that my cat had become a woman just like me would be an issue, but now I realise that it has some advantages…

The three hundred

It will be hard to believe, but one day, for no reason at all, I found an old dusty notebook on my desk. It was completely empty, no one had written on it before. I didn’t give it much thought, I was sure someone else had forgotten it. I took it to the front desk, but as soon as I was back at my desk, the notebook was there again. It was impossible, almost like it had teleported or something. Read more

Subliminal fun

Scott comes home from a long day of working in the warehouse. He enters his room pluging his i pod into his stereo listening to his favorite songs. Suddenly he sits down on the bed as underlayed on all his songs are subliminal messages from his best friend Cameron. Months go by of listening to the messages as Scott is completely oblivious of the changes.
It first started with a rigourus work out rutine running 5 miles a day and eating healthy. Next was taking experimental Hormone pills which started a process of changing Scott to Amy. Mysteriously Scott had a gift sent to him to pay for surgery. One year passes and Amy is sitting on her bed pleasuring herself as she Obeys the message that her Boyfriend will be coming to take her away.