The New Pet

My best friend and I have known each other since daycare. We were the two kids named David and sharing a name was enough of a reason for 3 year olds to make a connection. It was one that stayed strong over the next 35 years too. We were still pretty different people. I was more sensible and stable and he was more brave and creative. It worked out well and we got each other out of trouble just as often as we dragged each other into something.

That all changed after David dated a witch. He was bad at being a boyfriend which is why his relationships never lasted a year. He screwed up and she cursed him. He showed up at my place and I didn’t recognize him at all. Mostly because he was a she. She went straight for a beer and knew her way around my place. Her manner as she flopped into the couch was just like him. She told me that he got cursed by his now ex.

She was now some young undocumented woman with no life or ID to go back on. So I talked with my fiancé and Sara agreed that we could let him stay with us for a while. Let him figure things out and Sara was nice and helped David with womanly orientation sessions. Soon Sara regretted letting David stay with us. She was getting really jealous. We had a strong connection and now David was twice as hot as Sara and twenty years younger. I told her that was crazy. We have been together five years. I told Sara we’ll find a way to turn David back, or turn into another guy eventually. She wasn’t happy, but agreed to try harder. That was until she caught him nuzzling into me while we were watching a hockey game. I hadn’t even noticed.

In an attempt to fix things I went to find David’s ex. See if she would reverse things. His ex just laughed. She told me he never wanted to spend time with her outside the bedroom. Any time I called though he would be excited and take off to hang out with me. They got into a fight and she told David that if he was going to act like my little bitch, that was exactly what she would turn him into. She told me she had no intention of breaking the curse because he is too much of an asshole for any woman. She saw it as protecting her gender from disappointment. She told me not to bother her anymore or I might find myself under a curse too.

I tried to be respectful. I tried not to manipulate him, but I did notice that he had become very compliant. We were usually on the same wavelength so I hadn’t picked up on it earlier. Then I tried asking if he wanted to go jogging with me. Instead of him telling me to fuck off he went over and put on a pair of Sara’s running shoes. Not long after that Sara left. It was just getting too odd for her and she knew I wouldn’t abandon my friend and she loved me enough to not ask that of me. She even left David, now Daisy some of her makeup and things.

It was harder and harder not to notice Daisy’s behaviours now that I knew. She was always happy when I got home from work. She craved validation from me and took every opportunity she could to cuddle. This was my best friend though. I thought it was so unfair to have this power over her. I really did try to avoid getting close to her. That only made her depressed and I realized that the best way to help my friend was to give into the curse. Now when my little bitch is a good girl she gets to choose a reward. She always chooses to play with her favourite toy, my cock. We got her an IUD so she wouldn’t be having a litter given how often she caused me to dump a load of cum in her. Daisy had become a very good girl and was eager to earn more rewards.


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