High Society

Brandon Brenton III was traveling for business. When he arrived at the old, fancy hotel he was going to be staying in, the first thing he wanted was a stiff drink. He noticed that one of the hotel bars was being reserved for a private party. This frustrated the wealthy, impatient man. After he saw some strange looking people walk into the bar, he was curious about what kind of private party could be behind those doors. As he approached the large, velvet covered, double doors that led to the bar, he read the sign that read: “Annual Gathering of The Society”. Brandon was confused and intrigued by what “The Society” was. He figured that a successful man from a wealthy family such as his would not just be turned away. He knew that he would fit in with an elite society. He opened the doors, walked in, and couldn’t believe his eyes. The bar was filled with strange looking older men that looked like fairy tale themed magicians, and the sexiest, most beautiful women all over them. The women all fawned over the strange men, attending to their every whim. Brandon was baffled. He didn’t understand what was going on or who these men were supposed to be. He also noticed that there were women there besides the gorgeous ones. They almost looked like witches. Brandon was quickly beginning to feel uneasy as the strange looking people all started looking at him one after another. They looked at him almost as if he were their prey as he made his way to the bar to get his drink. He was taken aback by the strange sight of the beautiful bartender who had sparkling skin and was nearly the size of a child. She greeted him and winked at him as he sat down. Before Brandon could even ask what was going on or order his drink, the bartender cheerfully gave him one. Surprised by the complementary drink that the bartender simply called “The Society Special”, Brandon began to drink it, hoping that it would relax him in the midst of all of the weirdness. The drink was delicious, but he immediately began to feel strange. However, before he hadn’t even noticed, he had drunk the whole thing and the impish bartender was giving him a refill… He began to feel sick as various men at the party began getting very friendly with him all of a sudden. Feeling uncomfortable and tipsy from the surprisingly strong drink, he got up and staggered out of the Society’s get together. As he walked, Brandon felt that something wasn’t right. He felt lighter and smaller than he had been moments before. His hair felt long and his clothes felt different. He felt so delirious and disoriented that he couldn’t even look down at his feet even as he noticed a clicking sound with every step that he took. It was like the sound of high heels. As the drunken businessman made his way down the stairs to the hotel lobby, keeping a hand on the rail for balance, he wondered just what exactly could be in this “Society Special” drink that could make him feel this way. He idly inspected the glass in his hand. He paused as he saw his reflection in his martini glass. He figured that he must’ve been even drunker than he thought because he could swear that he had somehow magically transformed from a “Brandon” to a very beautiful “Brandy”. Brandy was shocked, she felt like she was in a strange dream that she couldn’t wake up from. She knew that she had to get back to that Society. She knew that they were behind her transformation somehow, and that they could fix her… or maybe they couldn’t, but she just REALLY felt the need to go back there for some reason…


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