The Kid

Andrew hadn’t really wanted a kid. He’d thought he’d made that abundantly clear to everybody, including his girlfriend. And they’d always taken precautions. But accidents happened. Andrew, however, hadn’t wanted to accept that. When his girlfriend had brought news that she was pregnant, he panicked. He holed up in an apartment with a old college buddy of his and gone of the grid. Felicia had tracked down, somehow. She was a witch, and a powerful one at that—though human transformation spells weren’t exactly complicated if you had magical abilities, and indeed were among the first things young witches and wizards were taught, although subtleties were another story.

She was pissed over Andrew’s runner, and decided to teach him a lesson or three. After all, she didn’t want to go through giving birth for a guy who wasn’t emotionally ready. So she turned Andrew into Andrea(and his buddy Charlie into “Chelsea” for good measure) and transferred the pregnancy to Andrea. Giving birth was unbelievably painful, but she gave birth to a large baby boy named Ryan.

Baby rearing was a handful. “I know these might look like lunch, but this dairy queen is closed, okay?” Andrea told Ryan, lifting the baby away from her chest as Chelsea looked on. She had no idea when Felicia wuld be willing to turn them back. She hoped it would be soon….


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