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The New Pet

My best friend and I have known each other since daycare. We were the two kids named David and sharing a name was enough of a reason for 3 year olds to make a connection. It was one that stayed strong over the next 35 years too. We were still pretty different people. I was more sensible and stable and he was more brave and creative. It worked out well and we got each other out of trouble just as often as we dragged each other into something. Read more

The Attitude

“Seriously Dan, look at me. I have Kelly’s body forever. Mmmm, this perfect body. I don’t know why she decided to go free climbing in my body. She did, she fell. Our parents’ don’t even know who should grieve. But all I can think about is that I get to be this magnificent energetic ravishing person always. Read more

The Four Leaf Clover

I was out for a hike with my friend Daniel. We had known each other since we were five but he never really grew into much of a man and had a hard time meeting girls. I convinced him to come hiking with me so he could get in shape and hopefully have better luck.
On one of our hikes I was resting and drinking some water and noticed a four leaf clover. I didn’t really believe in magic but still thought it was a sign of good luck. I figured Daniel needed more luck than I did so I gave it to him and said he should make a wish and eat it. Read more

The Raver Girl

“What? You suddenly have a problem with me going out to dance with my girlfriends?” I asked.
“But I thought you would want to be with me.” Simon pleaded.
“You may have used that wish to make me your wet dream girl, but I guess you get off on lesbians cause I still don’t want you, or any guy for that matter.” I told him.
“It was my wish though, how come I’m not getting what I want.” Simon protested.
“Hey I’m the victim here. We were friends. You think I like explaining to my parents that Kyle is gone and only Kylie remains. That and I’m some raver chick that got kicked out of school cause I won’t wear clothes thicker than dental floss. So much for Harvard. I don’t think you have a right to complain.”
“I never really thought magic was real, please forgive me.” Simon begged.
“It is not all that bad, I mean look at me. You at least have one hell of a fantasy life going on in that head of yours. I’ve got some surprising talents and wicked dance moves. Tell you what. I’ll let you watch a little after party action when we get back. How does that sound?” I asked.
“Well, that does sound good, thanks.” Simon conceded.
“Why don’t you go and get a video camera. We may as well make some movies. I’m going to need money and without a degree I may as well use this horny body you gave me for something useful. I don’t seem to have any modesty to care if people see me naked or fucking.” I suggested
“Uhhhmmm… Okay.” Simon said surprised.
“Great, so here is the plan. I’ll go get pumped on the dance floor then bring back some girls for some on screen action. Plus I’m sure eventually one of them will be bisexual and you will have the only dick in the room. I’m sure things will all work out in the end.” I reassured.
“That would be great.” Simon cheered.
Though his wish didn’t go as planned he is glad Kylie is still being a friend and looking out for him a bit. Being the cameraman sounds like a great opportunity. Maybe this would be better for both of them in the end.

The Singles Cruise

I usually don’t enter contests but this was for a world cruise all expenses paid. Since I was over forty and not very rich it was a vacation that I could never afford. I was really happy when saw the envelope in my mail with the cruise ticket and details. The brochure said this was a singles cruise unlike any other. It promised that everyone would be getting lucky so I was encouraged. Until I got to the docks to board. All the passengers were old. I was one of the youngest at 46.
Still, it was a free trip and free food and drinks so I gave my ticket and was given a key to a cabin. They took my luggage for me and I decided to wander the ship. It was a nice set-up, there was a nightclub and restaurants and all sorts of game areas and activities.
When I got to my room there was luggage there but it didn’t look like mine. I was about to go find someone when the announcement came that we would be underway. I felt a shudder when the engines kicked in gear making my long hair (?) flop across my face. When I cleared it away it seemed like I was shorter. I pulled my hair back into a pony tail and noticed that I had two perky breasts under my shirt.
Then I started to get new memories. I had just graduated high school and was taking a year off to travel before going to University. My name was Amanda Hale and my ID was in my luggage. I put on a bikini and changed into jean shorts and a t-shirt over it deciding it was a good time to check out the pool.
The cruise was amazing and they were not wrong. This youthful body had energy and hormones raging through it. The rest of the passengers we also transformed into young and hot people too. So the brochure was right. I brought back girls and boys every night to my cabin for marathon rounds of sex. I had a cute girl next door look that helped me get anyone I wanted.
When we stopped at the ports around the world I enjoyed jumping into bed with locals as much as seeing the sights. This was the best three weeks of my life.
When the cruise finally ended and it was time to leave there were two sets of luggage, mine and Amanda’s. I didn’t even hesitate for a second before grabbing Amanda’s stuff and heading off to enjoy my new life. I kept my old memories so I always had a reminder of just how lucky of a girl I really am and how thankful I am that I took a chance on a contest.
I am no longer planning on school, I’ve got a job on a cruise line and I like to ensure that the passengers I think are cute have a vacation they never forget.

The Three Wishes

Alex found a lamp in a ditch and when he was cleaning it a genie appeared. “I shall grant you three wishes” it exclaimed. He was in shock and surprise so he went over to his best friend Randal’s house. Alex showed him the lamp and said a genie was in it. Randal laughed and thought Alex got too much sun. So Alex gave it a rub and the genie popped out again.
Randal warned Alex that every story he read with a genie seemed to involve trickery. He said Alex should get rid of the lamp. Alex didn’t believe that and thought about what he wanted most in the world.
“Okay, I have it Mr. Genie. I wish I was the richest kid in school. I wish I was the center of attention at every basketball game and I wish I was a sexual idol with a 12 inch cock between my legs.” Alex stated confidently.
“So shall it be” said the genie, who went poof in a gust of smoke. When the smoke cleared Randal knew things had changed but not how Alex imagined.
Amy’s phone, in it’s diamond studded case, chirped with texts, emails and missed calls from brokers and bankers wanting her to invest. Her head cheerleader uniform was tight to her skin and her mind flooded with acrobatic tricks that would marvel Cirque du Soleil. But the most noticeable was that she was riding Randal, now her boyfriend, and his giant cock was now filling her insides. Soon Alex only had the memories of Amy Chen. Though he never had the lamp it seems Randal gained the most with his enlarged cock and rich highly flexible nymphomaniac girlfriend. In the end Randal is very happy his friend never took his warning. When she finishes riding him Randal is going to propose, what more could he want in a girl?

The Vegas Trip

My buddies Randy and Brian decided to head to Vegas for a week. We got a good deal and since we figured we’d be in the bars and casinos we would just split one larger room with double beds and alternate who gets the couch.
“This is going to be awesome Carlos.” They both shouted in unison as we got to the hotel. After we checked in I asked “How about hitting the casino floor for an hour or so?” “Blackjack!” They both exclaimed. “Jinx… high five.” They laughed. It went on like that and at dinner too. When we got back to the room I asked them if they just shared one brain as a joke. “We do think alike” admitted Randy. “Wouldn’t it be awesome if we were related?” Brian asked. “That would be so cool if we were like family.” Randy agreed. “What about Carlos?” Brian inquired. “Nah, he’s not in tune with us, sorry bro.” Randy declared. “That’s alright, I’d probably kill you at Thanksgiving so better off keeping me out of it.” I responded.
They kept going on and on about how cool it would be so I decided to head down to the casino, and maybe have a few drinks to calm myself. We still had six days here and I figured they were just over excited. When I got back to the room there were two naked women there. “Great, they hired hookers.” I mumbled sarcastically.
“Oh, Carlos dear, glad you came back. We were getting lonely without you. Isn’t that right Brianna?” The older one taunted. “Sure is mommy. I thought Carlos was supposed to make me a woman tonight.” The young one responded with a smile. This had to be a prank. I looked around the room figuring my buddies were hiding and ready to jump out laughing. Even their luggage was gone and replaced with twice as many pink and purple bags.
“If you are looking for condoms, don’t bother. I’ve been tied and I can’t wait for grandchildren.” She said. I kept looking and found their ID. Rachel Hunter, 37 and Brianna Hunter 18, same address as my buddies. My address too since we rented the house together. This was really odd. They started doing a little dance together. I was so confused so I called another friend back home. “Hey Nick, it’s Carlos. Have Randy or Brian called you?” “Who?” Nick asked. “My roommates dude.” I prodded. “You mean that fox Rachel and her smoking daughter? Man, no idea how you landed that. Which one is your girlfriend again? They both seem all over you when I’m there…” I hung up on him.
“What the Hell, I’m in Vegas. May as well enjoy it.” I exclaimed. “Yay!” they both gleefully jumped up and down. “You know, after this we should go get you and Carlos married. Then we truly can be a family. As long as you don’t mind sharing him with me.” Rachel planned. “Oh my goodness yes, mommy. We share everything why would we let a man stop that, you’re totally my BFF, plus you have so many tricks to teach in bed.” Brianna giggled. I decided to take a picture and they posed by the window for me, then I waved them both to me. We never really made it out to see the shows and gamble. We just fucked all week long, save those few hours it took to go get a shotgun wedding. When we came home it continued and I was glad that this was one story that didn’t just stay in Vegas.

The Girl Next Door

Holly and I grew up together. Our families were the only ones on the block with kids so we played and became best friends even though I was three years older. As she grew up though she became quite pretty. She was comfortable around me so she never thought much about what she was wearing or how little. Holly was my best friend though so I tried to be respectful even if my glance went her way.
I started investing when I was 16 and was good at trading stocks, enough to pay for college and buy my parents home so they could retire early and go enjoy their later years. So I was able to work from home still and Holly would come over and do homework or just hang out and watch TV and play games. She was at home watching sports with my other friends and fit in with our group, though all agreed she had become a real looker.
She was over one Saturday afternoon like usual. I was in sweats with no shirt and she had kicked off her sweat pants and just had her panties and a zip up hoodie on while we watched a Premier League game. When she started talking about applying to colleges I decided to tell her how I really felt. I told her I was in love with her. She said that she loved me too, but sadly I just wasn’t her type. I said I was willing to change. I could work out more or grow a beard. Whatever she wanted. She indicated that there was a chance and went home. I grabbed a beer and was a bit dazed. It didn’t go as bad as it could but it didn’t go well. Before I really got to think about it she came back in with a weird contraption. She claimed it was something her dad, an amateur inventor, was working on.
She played with some dials then pushed a button and it zapped me with some light. My sweats became thigh high stockings and my boxers little black panties. I thought them both a bit tight and rolled my right stocking down while she twisted more dials and fired again. Now they felt comfortable but the world looked a bit bigger. I saw the bright red on my nails when looking at my hand. I looked in the mirror and she had made me a girl and I was a couple of years younger than her now. If this is the body she wanted to be with that was fine by me. I would totally fuck me. I preened a bit in front of the mirror and then Holly apologized. I said that there was no reason to, I liked this new body. Then she said it wasn’t for that and the device bathed me in light one more time. That’s when she put the device down and came up behind me. She reached her hands across my belly and began fingering my pussy. It felt amazing. I had my hand on her thigh and normally would have roamed everywhere but my Mistress hadn’t given me permission to do that. She told me that the mental changes were the last addition. I still knew everything I did before, but she liked being in control of her lovers so I had to become submissive to her. Mistress fondles my clit and whispers that now we can be together forever. Sometimes I please her but mostly she likes making me writhe in ecstasy. Mistress Holly is so generous. I still trade stocks and make us rich when she is out. When she is home I’m her own immortal goddess ready for her touch. She used the machine to stop aging then smashed it so her dad couldn’t undo the creation of her perfect plaything. She is very proud of me and even invites my old friends over so they can watch as she brings me to an orchestra of orgasms.

The Pen Pal

My mom left my father and I three years ago. Ever since then he started drinking more and it was getting to the point that he was at risk of losing his job.
I had been writing to Sasha in Russia since we were 10. My teacher made us write to pen pals for class but we kept writing each other as we grew up. Sasha’s biggest problem was that her family wanted a son so she and her sisters felt very neglected. I complained about my father being lonely all the time.
One day a letter came from Sasha with a silver necklace inside. She suggested that it would fix both of our problems. All I had to do was put it on. At first I just thought it was a poor communication on her part and she was just sending a gift of hers to me. The necklace was a bit feminine but looking over the letter again I decided to see if it fit.
All of a sudden it glowed and I started getting dizzy.
My mind was getting the foggy. I was having the strange feelings. My body was changed. I am now sexy girl. “Krasivyy” I said, shocked for the Russian speaking. My meaning to say was “beautiful”. I remembered then I was exchange student. My pen pal Nigel and I did the trading places. Now I in America and him going to Russia.
Nigel’s father was very sad man. I try make him happy and take care of him. I cook and clean and be nice girl. I make house better. Then I need to help Nigel’s dad not be so lonely.
At first I use my hands to massage the cock. He liked it and said he had no love since his wife left. It made me feel sad.
I got the letter from Nigel. He is saying my family had adopted him like son. He learns the family business. He want to be staying in Russia. It made want to be good wife and stay in America.
Nigel’s father work more drunk less. I made the dinner ready when he come home. My body is dessert. He has son already so he is fertile man and I want to give him more family. He likes plan too and we making love every day. Soon he ask me to marry him. A little voice in the head think something strange is happened. But the pleasure I is feeling when we have sex kills doubts. He makes me cum many times before he gives his seed. I do everything he asks to make him happy. He makes me moan and orgasm so hard I forget my English sometimes.
I write to Nigel to tell him I am his step-mother. I know I be making his father happy. I know Nigel wanted him happy. I know my parents want Nigel to marry my sister. We will be family twice. It is good we write over the years so I have the English for my husband. Now we try hard to make babies. I love being filled with seed. Soon I will grow with life.