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Fit to be a Women

Marissa Hills, a personnel analysis for Diluculo Lapsum LLC’s North American division, was having mixed feeling about what she had done. Three months ago one of her old roommates from college, back when she was a man, applied for a position and she had given him a glowing review. Her friend, a man named Hyunseung Lee, or simply John to those that could not speak Korean, and while he did qualify, the reasons John wanted the job were concerning. Read more

The New Pet

My best friend and I have known each other since daycare. We were the two kids named David and sharing a name was enough of a reason for 3 year olds to make a connection. It was one that stayed strong over the next 35 years too. We were still pretty different people. I was more sensible and stable and he was more brave and creative. It worked out well and we got each other out of trouble just as often as we dragged each other into something. Read more

A lesson in womanhood

I was always a little old fashioned, I believed a woman’s place was at home, caring for the house while the husband went out and provided for the family. That outlook also extended to the way I thought a woman should act, deferring to her husband in all aspects of life, including the bedroom. Read more

The pink vial

It was no secret between my wife and I that I fantasized being a woman. It had come out early in our relationship and it hadn’t bothered her in the least. She was naturally dominant and throughout our relationship that had been the case. She had taken the lead on many things throughout our marriage; finances, vacation plans, our sex life, and I was totally ok with this. Afterall, Ashley was a gorgeous 37 year old brunette with a tight body that she worked hard on, so I was more than happy to led her be the dominant one. Read more


I don’t believe I’m about to do this. I can feel her hand on my head, softly, but at the same time commanding. I feel the carpet texture on my knees making my position crystal clear. Read more


The guy was always the more submissive one in their relationship. And she knew it, even took advantage of it. She kept having him, “do favors” for her like growing his hair out and playing dress up games with her. This is the couple 4 months later. He is licking her boob just like she comanded him too. As far as his submissive personality goes at least, nothing has changed between these two.