The Fall of The Secret Agency – Part 1

There was a group of men that would vandalize banks and steal from them on a weekly bases running through the city and our job was to stop them. These guys proved to be above the limit of trouble that the Police can handle, and so our secret services were hired for the job. As the founder and leader of the association, I ordered my men to gather some Intel and they did. The criminals were having an underground gambling night at a abandoned warehouse and I sent one of my best agents to enter and try and gather more information but when the doorbell of our HQ rang and we expected the agent to return, we answered, finding only a DVD on the doorstep.

“Oh my god…” I said, in shock.

It was a video of Mark, the agent, tied up on a couch in what seemed like a basement. We watched as two men surrounded him and muttered some words which we could not understand. As they muttered the words, Mark’s body changed, growing smaller in some places and bigger and others. We watched as his waist, arms and legs thinned out, his hips expanded, chest ballooned outwards to form two large breasts, his face rearranged itself and his hair sprouted. His clothes then liquefied, finding there place around his body in only a push-up bra and a pair of panties.

“What did-” We heard Mark say in his new feminine voice, instantly in shock.

The rest of the video showed Mark being untied and fondled with. It started off as Mark protesting and fighting against the men but once some more words were muttered, he seemed to be enjoying it. The men had sex with Mark as “he” screamed and moaned. They each finished on her.

“Try and mess with us again, and this is what will happen!” Said the man who had been muttering the foreign words.

“We will not let this continue. We are going to save Mark, and put those bastards down.” I said, determined.


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