Caught with Her Hand in the Cookie Jar

Gary had been upset all day Friday after his Grandma changed him into a girl with a magic spell. She did this because she had always wanted a daughter, and never had one, and later she ended up with a grandson instead of a granddaughter, when she was hoping for one. She decided to use a family spell book that hadn’t been used for years, but handed down. She hadn’t expected it to work, but it did, and she used it to change Gary into a girl.

She wanted to see if he would take to it, so she could have a granddaughter, and so far he was upset, even after she talked to him about it, and how it would make her happy in her last years. Later he went to take a bath, and she caught him using the water to help him masturbate with his new pussy.

She seen this as a good sign, and she was right, “So Gary, dear, I thought you didn’t like being a girl? It sure looks like you were getting into it there, don’t be ashamed. It is a natural thing, and you have a lovely body, why not experience all it has to offer? You are a lovely granddaughter.”

“Oh, um, Grandma, um I, was… just… curious, um, yeah, that’s all, what are you doing in here? You should have waited until I was done,” said Gary, embarrassed.

“Never mind that, so what do you say now? Is it so bad being my granddaughter now? Is it so bad being a young lady instead of a young gentlemen? You could experience life in a whole new way if you would say yes to staying this way,” said his grandma.

“I, well, I… um, but…, oh what’s the use? Sure, I’ll try it, I suppose,” said Gary.

“Good girl, now I will get you some more appropriate clothing for a young lady, and you can finish here, bathing or whatever. Then we are going out shopping and doing girl things, I want to immerse you in femininity, and what it’s really like for us,” said Gary’s grandma.

Gary finished up washing, and dried off, still surprised about the way his body now moved as he walked, and how different it felt to be softer and smaller, having long hair, boobs, and a vagina between his new longer legs. In his bedroom, laid out was a flared floral dress, shiny nude pantyhose, some shiny black heels, a pink bra, and a pink pair of panties. On the counter nearby, a gold and necklace with white stones and gold, and a shiny bracelet with tiny stones dangling also. No earrings, but then again he realized his ears weren’t pierced. Near there though was ruby red nail polish, something his grandma was going to show him how to put on, after she showed him how to apply makeup that is!

When his grandma came in seeing him dressed, and addressed him as Gwen, he thought of the saying, “In for a penny, in for a pound.”


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