“Get in!”


I had just gotten back from my usual three mile walk, fresh off the phone from my ex-wife. We both came along quite well, our seperation was born out of growing apart and not due to conflict.
Something was shimmering around the corner of the house. That was strange, it wasn´t there when I left an hour ago. Taking a closer look I saw that it more or less resembled a big shiny metal soccerball. I pushed it a little and despite its size, about half my height, it seemed light. So I rolled it inside my house.
The object had caught my curiosity and I went over it closely to see if I could see some joints that I could pry open and peek into. I noticed an engraving that ran from one end to the other. To follow the shapes I bent over the ball and placed my weight on it with my finger following the contours.
I heard a buzzing sound from something charging up.
My body went limp from the electric shock but I was still concious.
Three hexagonal hatches opened up and two syringes and one connector snaked themselves out from the dark inside up to Dan´s body.
One syringe attached itself to his thigh, the other on his back and the connector went for his neck.
Contents emanating from inside the ball began pumping into his body with the intention of changing it into a more suitable form.
Slowly but surely Dan´s form began to alter from male to female.
He noted the changes betwen the images that flashed past in his mind. He knew that both his mind and body was under assault and he could do nothing to stop it.
Dan´s features diminished second by second as he became smaller. At one point his shrinkage stopped and he started to grow instead, but only in certain places. The exact places to give him a female shape.
The change took hours to complete and Dan was a helpless on-looker in his own body.

With a hiss the syringes detached, the one in the stayed on for a minute more til it detached as well.
His legs was all shaky when he tried to stand up. Everyting felt foreign to him. His breasts in particular. If anything them and the vagina was the definite proof he wasn´t male anymore.
He wanted to run out and escape but he felt compelled to stay. A sense of duty overrode the sense of flight.
Another hatch on the ball opened up.
A creature from another world slithered out. It looked like a giant worm with the same kind of skin a human have.
Instead of becoming afraid when he saw it he instead reacted as the programing had instructed him to; he parted his legs and invited the alien into him.
The alien worm slithered up against his leg and up to his vagina, parting his labia and pushed in.
Dan´s body was in an erotic euphoria and as programed he began to ease the transition of the creature into him by making himself wet.
The creature wriggled the last parts of it inside of him and disappeared.
Dan knew what this meant. He was just the host for creature and it would soon take over so it could carry on with its mission. It needed a breeding ground, a transportation and a method of interacting with other humans. A female body fulfilled all these requirements.
Dan was the first human the creature stumbled upon and had to be modified.

Dan felt how is conciousness was slipping away into the darkness as the creature took over, as he was thinking: “I…live…to…serve…”
The woman stood straight in front of the mirror and inspected her new form. It did comply well with the set parameters and the hosts memories suggested that this body was “attractive”.
After divulging the meaning of the word she found it useful.
“I`m an attractive woman”, she told herself in the mirror.
Sifting through the rest of the hosts memories she decided upon the next course of action. Finding a bar of suitable hosts, called “gay bars”, escort a woman home and use the sexual intercourse as a form if impregnation with more of her kind.
Soon her race will have strengthened their numbers again.


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