The 3d Printer

This will be hard to believe, but last month I bought a camera and a really special 3d printer. The process was simple, I would take a picture of any person, and the 3d printer would create a body suit of that person. According to the manual I could wear the suit for weeks, the only important thing was to never get it wet.

I took a picture of my 20 year-old sister Amy, and created a body suit of her. Before trying it on, I took a picture of myself, as a failsafe, I thought. I tried it on, the inside texture of it was smooth, I don’t know how the technology worked, but she was shorter than I, but I was able to be her without any problem. There was a seam on its waist, exactly where I had slid in. But after a few minutes the seam was apparently gone.

The real Amy surprised me by entering my room, when I was all naked in her body. “Oh god! you got the Bodysuit 3d Printer!?” she said, “I wanted one!”. I was amazed at the fact she knew about it. “You want to try me?” I said, and she touched my boobs, they felt real. “Oh god, that feels good, but I meant, do you want to try a bodysuit of me on?”, “Do I? yes!” she said. I printed my body, and she tried it on. It was sublime looking at me from her perspective. “We should exchange lifes for a day bro, what do you say?” she said, and I agreed. “I guess for now I am Amy and you are John” I told her.

She then went out with my friends pretending to be me, and I went out with Amy’s friends. It was fun, and I took some pictures of them, “maybe later I can create body suits of them” I thought. When I got home, I heard the shower. “oh shit… I hope not” I said outloud while running upstairs. There she was, Amy taking a shower in my body, “no no no! what have you done!” I said, “you weren’t supposed to get it wet”. We tried taking the suit off, but it was impossible, it had merged with her. She was now John. I tried printing a body suit of Amy, she tried it on, but this time, it wasn’t working, Apparently it is impossible to wear two body suits at one time. She was stuck.

I didn’t want Amy to disappear, I knew what had to be done. She would have to be me, and I would have to be her, forever. I kissed her on the cheek, and walked to my parent’s bedroom, I filled the tub. And walked in the water. I could feel the bodysuit merging with my skin. It made me feel aroused. I started fingering myself. Afterwards, I put on a towel, and walked out, it was time to teach each other about our lifes, learn how to be each other.

Years passed, Amy got accustomed to my body faster than me to hers, he got married, and has 3 children. On the other hand, I have become a lesbian, I enjoy kissing and having sex with women. From time to time, me and my lesbian friend kim get to play with a two-sided dildo, and it feels great.

What happened to the 3dprinter? I sold it at a garage sale.


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