car accident

Arvey was driving his sister, Hannah, to school because she was late.
He never saw the car that crashed into the side of their vehicle and sent them face on into a tree.
He woke up changed.

When their near dead bodies had been brought to the hospital, the d octors realised that there was fatal dammage to both of their heads. Thay asked their parents if they were willing to take the risk of a new technoque to save the teenagers: They would take out the brains, fix the skull from the inside, then put the brain in and hope it would recreate the neded links by itself. Their parents accepted, at least there was a chance to save them.

The operation went well and the brain were taken out, but the nurse taking care of them dropped their containers by accident. The name tags were off. The nurse had only heard their name and there was only the first letter of their first name on the tags. At least she knew which container contained which brain

She put on the boy’s container the tag ”H. Thompson” for ”Harvey”
And put on the girl’s container the tag ”A. Thompson” for ”Annah”

Since brains all look pretty much the same, nobody realised the error.
First, their bodies healed, and the doctors said that the brains seemed to have linked up to the body correctly.
After a year of hospitalisation, ”Hannah” woke up in her new body.
As soon as Arvey realised he wasn’t in his own body, he, or she, started panicking. A doctor came in his room to calm him, and explained the situation. It was hard for him to concentrate on what the doctor said while feeling his long hair brushing against his back and all the new sensations sent by his new body, but Arvey managed to understand most of it.

”We realised we made an error when putting you two back in your bodies when your sister woke up a week ago. We imediately propose to make the switch back and she agreed, but for some reason, she ran away with your body during the night.”
Seeing the look of terror in Arvey’s eyes, the doctor quickly added:
”Don’t worry, we are doing all we can to find your body and I’m sure you’ll get back to normal very soon”

Arvey saw through the doctors words and knew the odds of finding someone who didn’t want to be found after a week.

He knew he’d have to get used to being a cute girl named Hannah.


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