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remote: oil button

“dude don’t mess around put that down.” *beep*
“common this is not funny! you can’t just turn me into sexy women like this!” *beep*
My names Vanessa, but that has nothing to do with this turn me back!.” *beep*
“What the actually fuck, why am I nude and oiled?” *beep*
“please turn me back, I don’t know how long I can wait till I pounce your body!” *beep*
“hey sexy… you want a show? *giggle* I’ll give you a show.” *beep*
“oh gawd, im like soooo horny now. lets go to the bed and use this oil for all sorts of sliding.


When men become women it can be very exciting. Quite often, it is just as and on many occasions even more exciting for those around them.
Nate had always wanted to be a woman. Amy was always a close friend of his and was well aware of his secretive desire. Amy was saddened to see her friend unhappy with his body. So when she saw that there is a business downtown that specialised in transformations thought instantly of Nate. She couldn’t tell him quick enough. Nate was shocked by this new revelation yet wanted to give it a crack. He’d booked an appointment immediately and Nate was in the waiting room with Amy the next morning. Nate was nervous yet knew it was what he wanted to do. When he was called he said goodbye to Amy for the last time as a man and walked through to the doctor’s office. After a series of injections, Nate was Nancy. Amy was so happy for her friend and helped her become the woman she always wanted to be. Read more


They were right. Ocean water really does make you feel better. It certainly makes my skin softer and makes it feel like you have more room downstairs. Oh wait, I’m a woman. Even better.

The soap

John was taking a shower, and he realized he has no soap, so he used the his sister’s soap, the smell was amazing, after he rubed his whole body with the soap, he started to notice his skin so soft and smooth especially in his chest, he started to fondle his chest, while two mounds of flesh where growing under his hands, when they where like perfectly firm and full DD breasth he yelled with a girly voice, he knew her sister was a witch but who could think she could use a curse on her own soap. Read more


Chris was watching TV waiting for Andy to arrive so they could play the new Battefront together. “Crap! Did I take down that bucket of water?” He heard the door open as a splash of water was also heard. He ran to the door to see Andy soaking wet. “Dude, I’m so sorry! That was meant for Alex!” Andy’s hair then grew, his figure became more petite, and breasts grew from his chest and his penis retracted into a vagina. he then stripped down in his new female form. “Are you ok?” Read more

Nothing Happens for a reason.

We were gifted, not some magic, nothing mystical; we were given the MAU. I say, “given,” even if it appeared in our hotel; I respectfully think, “Nothing happens for a reason.” This didn’t need a reason, but it wasn’t nothing. Me and my business mate, Rick, found it in our hotel room right when we arrived. Read more

A strange condition

I hate it when this happen. Ever since I reached puberty I developed a really strange condition. It doesn’t always happen, but whenever its raining and I get wet, I have to dry myself up in less than 5 minutes or I transform into a really hot red head. Whenever it happens, I lose control of my body. I can still see, hear and feel everything, but I stop being in control. I stay in that condition for exactly 12 hours, and then I go back to being my male self. Read more

The 3d Printer

This will be hard to believe, but last month I bought a camera and a really special 3d printer. The process was simple, I would take a picture of any person, and the 3d printer would create a body suit of that person. According to the manual I could wear the suit for weeks, the only important thing was to never get it wet. Read more

The book

“what’s this?” I said as I openned a book I had just found out in my own living room. I live alone, and I don’t remember seeing that book before. As I quickly browsed through all its pages, I noticed it was full of drawings, but it mainly had tips on how to be the ideal wife. “This is stupid” I said as I read some of the rules and tips. Read more