Cosplaying as a Cosplayer

Phillip was a senior in high school. He made good money at his job, and was making payments on a car too. With a long weekend coming up, he was making plans to go to E3 with some friends. While looking at videos and chatrooms online talking about what the upcoming E3 would feature, he stumbled upon a group of geeks talking about what cosplayers would be there. He started loading the chatroom with his opinions of cosplayers, and basically judging these nerds as he knew there would be little consequence. He continued picking on the kids until he got a peculiar text on his phone:
“Alright you think very little of cosplayers so I doubt you’ve ever given it a real shot. We all enjoy dressing as our favorite game and anime characters so since E3 starts tomorrow, I’m going to give you a front row seat to cosplaying. Enjoy, and I’ll see you there!”
Phillip got off the chatroom after this, he didn’t like the fact these internet dweebs had somehow gotten his phone number. He started playing video games to get his mind off it, and by the time he went to bed it was practically forgotten.

Waking up was strange for Phillip. Upon opening his eyes he realized he was no longer in his room. He was in a well-furnished hotel room. He was bombarded by different odd sensations all over his body, but he found he was incapable of investigating them. Phillip had no control over this body. He could only watch as his body got up from bed, tits jiggling much to Phillips shock, and sauntered to the bathroom. Phillip endured a female pee-break, an immensely disturbing experience for a straight male such as him. After he was forced to wash his hands the girl behind the wheel checked out her reflection, and Phillip saw that he was now riding shotgun in the body of a very attractive blonde bombshell. This girl began getting ready for the day, doing her hair, makeup, and donning a very slutty cheerleader outfit. Phillip had to watch and feel every stroke from her makeup brushes, every tug and prim to her hair, and each sexy piece of clothing being pulled tightly into place. By the end of it Phillip looked and felt like a complete bimbo.
This body’s driver did a bit of modeling in the hotel mirror, holding her smartphone in one hand, and a plastic chainsaw in the other. Phillip was forced to make pouty faces, big sexy grins, and push what now felt like his tits together, all for the camera. From reading her phone screen as she posted pictures to social media, Phillip learned he was in for a ride-along in the body of one Jessica Nigri. Apparently Jessica was a cosplayer of some following, and no wonder, Phillip saw how sexy she was, and by extension, how sexy HE now was! The words of the text of yesterday came back to him “front row seat.” Shit they weren’t kidding.
Jessica met up with some friends and fans at the hotel, being sweet nice and bubbly at all times. She even put on the alter ego of her cosplay, sucking on lollipops and acting like a general airheaded cheerleader. Once Jessica finally arrived at E3, she took some pictures outside, posing and signing things for every geek that recognized her. She seemed to relish the attention that all these people showered her with, even sneaking glances at some of the guys. Phillip on the other hand was squirming, he hated being seen as a bimbo, and hated even more being forced to act as one, and he felt especially gross whenever Jessica would direct their shared eyes to the crotches of the more muscular male E3 goers.
After what felt like hours, Jessica told her friends she was going to the bathroom and she’d catch them up in a few minutes. Phillip was forced to endure more stares as Jessica swung her hips and ass side to side on her way to the restroom. He was a little confused when Jessica walked pass the girl’s restroom and into a maintenance closet down the hall. In here she sat down facing the door, humming to herself absently. Phillip was apprehensive when a rather well built man in his early 20’s, dressed as some video game character, walked in with a grin on his face. As soon as the door shut behind him he slid the lock into place.
“Hello Phillip, you look adorable today.” He mocked, his voice dripping with sarcasm, though he eyed Jessica up and down with appreciation.
“Thanks Master.” Jessica said cheerfully, in the same tone of voice she used whenever she was playing the bimbo cheerleader. Phillip would have been speechless even if he could wrestle control away from Jessica.
“Don’t waste too much brain power on this Phillip, I saw you bullying those cosplaying kids and figured I should teach you a lesson about bullying. Seeing as I already planned to make Jessica my little bimbo today I figured you might as well tag along. The beautiful Jessica won’t remember the time we spend in this closet, but you Phillip,” with this he paused for just long enough to unbuckle his pants and pull out his rock hard 8’’ dick. “Will remember every little detail.”
Phillip was horrified at what the man was suggesting, but his horror only grew as Jessica got up and sauntered over to the man, pulling her tits out from her top, and grabbing this strange man’s cock, jacking it off as Phillip was made to kiss him passionately. He wanted to vomit as his borrowed body fell to its knees, taking the man’s cock into Jessica’s mouth. Tasting the sweat on his dick, Phillip wanted to scream, but he was forced instead to moan like a slut. His head bobbed up and down the length of this cock, feeling his pussy growing wet despite his intentions. Phillip felt ashamed that Jessica’s body, his current body was enjoying this immensely filling Phillip’s mind with the pleasure of being dominated and the satisfaction of pleasing this man. He lost himself to his bimboish actions and pleasurable sensations, and when the man on which he sucked began to tense and grunt, Phillip almost looked forward to what was coming. Filled with pleasure and shame Phillip swallowed the man’s unnaturally large load. Warm cum slid down his throat and he moaned like the little slut he now clearly was.
After cleaning off the man’s dick, Jessica put her tits back in her top, stood up, and chirped “Thanks for the snack.”
“Anytime Phillip.” The man responded smugly, he pulled a lollipop from his pocket and gave it to Jessica who gladly began to lick it sensually. “Now Phillip listen closely, I know you’re scared and confused but try to enjoy yourself. This convention will be going on for a few days and Jessica has all kinds of events and costumes to share with you. I’ll be seeing you again soon.” He finished with a wink. He opened to the door and gestured for Jessica to leave first.
“See ya around, stud.” Phillip was forced to say before sauntering out of the closet, receiving a swift smack on his bubbly ass on the way out. Jessica pranced to the ladies room, happily sucking on the lollipop, completely unaware of the events that had just transpired. She adjusted her makeup in the mirror before blowing herself a kiss saying “This is gonna be the best convention ever!”
Phillip was trying his best to stay calm. He was just mouth raped, but his soaked panties only testified that he’d loved it. He was so nervous about how long he’d be in this woman’s body, and just what else he’d be subjected to whilst here. One thing he knew for sure though, he’d never bully anyone, online or otherwise, ever again.


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