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I laugh. I just laugh. I can’t help it. When I pee, I sit. And it makes me laugh because it makes me remember when I was a man. I stood to pee then, I had a dick, I was a dude.
I can’t believe that was me. I couldn’t go back. I love my smooth skin, my tits and long hair. My favourite is the two sweet pink lips that make my vagina.
I laugh because half the planet still have to live as me . They still have to live as the lesser gender.

TG shower

It is a definite must have. I never thought of having one but the house I bought already had one installed. It was months before I tried it but once I had, I’d wish I’d given it a go sooner. Read more


See the symbol I’m making with my hands. You’re thinking peace. I mean V. V for vagina. V for the flat crotch that signifies a female. V for the vagina that is the reason that I am currently sitting to pee and not standing. However, it wasn’t always like this.
I was a man. That’s right, a man. I had a D. D for dick. Then, it happened. My sister found an app and thought it would be fun to make me female for a little while. I was so furious but I had no choice. The app destroyed everything male about me. Clothes, possessions and of course my body. I had more make up then what I knew what to do with. She made me embrace being a chick. I had to wear female clothes, I had to have long hair, I had to have make up. It was so hard learning. However, I knew she would never change me back unless I at least tried.
It wasn’t easy. Everything was so different. I almost wasn’t sure I was still human. Despite overly frustrating sitting to urinate was strange. I really got sick of that cold toilet seat and I feared public toilets like a child fears monsters. Long hair was always in the way and men won’t stop looking at you. The thought I was one of them disgusts me.
I kept on pushing. Adjusting and adjusting and adjusting. Trying to make it normal. Trying to gain the respect essential to making me a man again. However, I began to gain interests. Interests that frightened me. The mandatory shopping trips with my sister which were initially completely and utterly despised became bearable. Very bearable in fact. I was thinking about which skirt looked best and which boots suited me. I was beginning to like shopping for women’s stuff.
My sister kept on mentioning the pros of being a woman. I was constantly reminded of the space downstairs. She obsessed with reminding me of the incredibly blissful orgasms only having a vagina can cause. Not to mention the soft sexy ass cushion only females have and the tits.
It made me think. I’d never crossed my legs as a man. Never. It was just to uncomfortable. When you’re packing all that down there it’s just not practical. Now, as a woman, I subconsciously crossed my legs. One day my sister even put stuff in my panties to simulate having male genitalia again. The stuff was probably only the third of the size of what I had before but it taught me. I hated that day. I couldn’t get comfortable. I couldn’t cross my legs or sit comfortably. I’d became used to being a woman and I’d liked it.
The app was quite advanced. One day she got rid of my feminine ass and gave me a flat masculine one much like the one I’d previously had. Everything else remained female. I hated it. I sorely missed the feeling of my ass swinging, squishing, squeezing and rolling as I walked in tight jeans. Not to mention, how uncomfortable it was to sit without the padding. She was about to take my breasts but I told her no. I couldn’t say goodbye to having tits, especially if I wasn’t getting my dick back in return.
However, I began to think I didn’t want my dick back. Having a vagina was pretty cool. Then she mentioned the lack of smooth skin. I thought about it and she was right. I loved my smooth hairless skin that encased the entirety of my sexy body.
Then the day came. My sister and I had a long discussion. We covered the pros and cons of being female. I told her after lengthy discourse that I wanted to stay a woman. She tried to ensure that I was sure sighting reasons like lack of strength and having to sit to pee but I told her no. I like those things because that’s what makes me who I am. Who I want to be.
So, I’m a woman. It’s permanently. I kept my V. V is for vagina and I have one. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. I can’t thank my sister enough. I simply can’t put it into words. I feel bad for being so upset early on when really she was doing me a favour. She allowed me to be a proud member of the better sex. The sex that has vaginas. The sex that wears skirts. The sex that have long hair. The sex that have breasts. The sex that sit to pee. The sex that includes me.

Me Again

You’d be surprised. I know I was. When I was told it was governement regulation to become a girl for six months and it was my turn I was dissapointed but I was also accepting. After all, everyone had to do it.
What surprised me was how it felt. I assumed as well as most that the biggest difference would be having nothing between your legs and in turn having a vagina and sitting to pee. If it wasn’t that I’d presumed the long hair or breasts. But it wasn’t. Not at all.
Women are built differently to men. Well, we all know that. Particually out back though. Men don’t have hips and rears like women. That was what I found to be the biggest difference. I have two huge jelly-like cushions hanging off my rear with a crack to seperate. They’re unreal. My ass bounces, jiggles and wiggles as I walk. Step by step. When I sit it is a couple comforting pillows making me feel great.
To be honest, I’m upset. It’s upsetting that I have to give my ass and the rest of my body away. It’s a shame I have to be me again.

TG Clinic Request For @captainboobs

Jim was perverted. However, he saw no issue with it. As like many other men, it was a fantasy of his somewhat to venture into the ladies room and have a look. So, of course when the TG Clinic opened Jim went. Jim stood in a chamber for 45 minutes as a pink mist was sprayed all over him. Over the course of the time in the chamber his body was changing. He was gradually becoming female. Jim walked out as a feminine black-haired woman with modest breasts. Jim didn’t choose a name for his body because all he wanted to do was going into the ladies room a few times to see some girls and then later possibly change back. However, it didn’t go quite as planned. He still went into the ladies room to perv on all the ladies but every ladies room had a mirror and he looked at himself more than any others. She was beautiful. Jim felt bad if he had to give her away. Jim did a lot of thinking in that bathroom. Maybe being a girl as better. Jim had more fun as a girl than he ever had as a man. It was awesome. Jim decided that he would remain a she and become Janice. Janice couldn’t be happier.

The Choice, Part 4

I shook my head violently. “No way! Those options are awful! You’re trying to manipulate me, turning me into a full woman, aren’t you?” I glared daggers at Jack, who had locked himself in this nightclub bathroom with me. Read more

Best bet ever made

Becoming a bimbo hasn’t been easy. First the transformation and living in a new place and then adjusting to the lifestyle. I only did it because I lost a stupid bet. But maybe now that I’ve experienced the other side and my new form. It was the best decision I’ve ever made.
Living like a bimbo is fun. The sex is great, the clothes are hot and fun to wear and you are the admiration of many. You wear slutty make up and get too wear pretty colours and all the men want you. It’s the best bet I’ve ever made.

Being surprised

I had just flushed the toilet. As I was about to pull up my pants, my roommate John opened the door. “What the hell dude? close the door!” He was holding an old looking notebook. I saw him write something on it. I felt a small gust of wind cover my whole body. Read more

Problem student

I wasn’t a good student. Actually I was the worst you could imagine. I bullied most of my classmates, I even made fun of my teachers on their faces. I had the ability to make good students fail class. Anything you can imagine a bad student could do, I would have already done it, several times. Read more