Henry got the magic text from Jed, after he slept with Jed’s girlfriend after getting her drugged up with a mixed drink and having his way with her while Jed was away on business. Henry didn’t know magic even existed, and now would know once the spell took place.

The text read, “Henry, take advantage of my love even while to the contrary she nags, you like messing with women, you are now one yourself named Felicity Funbags!”

Once Henry read that, he felt his hair was longer, and his chest way heavier, noticing his arms were weaker and soft, and his hands smaller with painted royal blue nails. His bottom was huge now too and he dropped the phone and screamed into the mirror, hearing his new female voice. He would find not only had his body changed, but reality around him as well. No longer the successful businessman he once was, he was now a “suck-cessful” stripper at the Chest Zeppelins Café! He had the best chest at the club, and apparently gave the best VIP room blowjobs in the state!

Before he could react any further, he was whisked away to his new job, and found he was in the VIP room at Chest Zeppelins Café, with his buddy Lee’s dick in his mouth as it shot its load and Henry felt his mouth fill up with his friend’s seed!

Lee got up and pulled his boxers and pants up, “Wow, easy there, Felicity, I think you sucked me dry you slutty bitch, that’s the best BJ I’ve ever had, and wow your ‘fun bags’ are hot!”

Henry now Felicity, was about to freak out and spit all that out, since she suddenly found herself sucking her buddy dry as a busty stripper, but her new desires kicked in and the cum tasted good! She swallowed, and was turned on by Lee! When her other two buddies Brent and Barry entered, she wanted to protest, but with her new drive she was instantly infatuated with their fat cocks as well! Meanwhile, Jed seen it all with his magic, and smiled, revenge served! He treated his girlfriend like a piece of meat, and now he was the piece of meat as a busty cum slut stripper!


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