Why? Oh… why?

“Oh… oh…” I can’t help but blurt out these little squeaks as I move myself forward and back. Why does it have to feel so good? I cursed him as he laughs, letting me do all the work, proving to me that all my former bravado meant nothing. I bit down, trying to fight the release that was welling up inside me. I hated showing them just how good it felt, but I knew I couldn’t fight it for long.

“Already, coming again?” Laughed one of the other executives. I blushed, remembering that I’d came at least three times when he’d been the one inside me.

“Oh, yes… Nomasan is so hard…” I squeaked in my girlish Japanese voice as I felt another orgasm wash over me. “Oh… Nomasan! I’m cumming… little Noriko is cumming!”

I was flush with humiliation as I let out another girlish shriek of pleasure as I came. They laughed again as they watched me shudder with his cock still deep inside me. It was almost too much, but I couldn’t stop, I needed more. I hated myself, but I started again, and I knew I would continue until I felt him fill me with cum, just like all the others.

“Ah Noriko, now you understand it was not wise to cross us.” Tano spoke from the head of the group. I wanted to seethe in rage at him. He was the one who’d chosen my punishment, the one who’d had them turn me into a lithe little slut. I tried to hate him, but it was so hard. I knew it was part of the curse, that I would both loath and love my new existence. Even now, with it all so fresh, all I could think about Tano was how big his cock had been and how good it had felt to have him inside me.

I wanted to cry out, to object, to protest that I was a man, but I felt Noma beginning to tense behind me. I bucked into him even harder, squeezing and grinding.

“Yes! Nomasan! Fill me up! Fill up Noriko’s tight little pussy! Noriko loves getting filled up with hot cum!” I squealed as I felt him pulsing inside me. I looked up into the camera they had, recording my utter humiliation and I smiled as I continued to grind back against him.

I knew this was my fate, to be nothing but an eager slut for them. I knew they had ways of keeping women young and beautiful. I’d never imagined it would be used on me, but I was sure they would now. They enjoyed keeping a close eye on those who betrayed them. In my case, I knew I’d be spending my days stuffed full of cock, serving these men for as long as I lived. It was a horrifying thought, and yet as Noma pulled out of me, all I could think about was who would be next and the glorious pleasure that came from being filled with long hard cocks.


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