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Fix That

What was that drink you gave me?” I asked my girlfriend as I started to feel dizzy, my face flushed as heat flowed through my whole body.
Well, you see, I really like you, personality-wise. But body-wise…well not so much. So that drink is going to fix that,” she said before she winked at me, and I finally blacked out. Read more

Ex-Stripper Bid

Jeff couldn’t believe what was going on at the strip club that one night he visited. They were having a retired stripper auction, and he thought it was to win a date with one. He was dead wrong. It was so they could start over as men after that had aged enough where they had to stop stripping. They were auctioning off their bodies, and most of the men there knew that, except Jeff, who once again, failed to read the fine print. Most men that were there for the auction wanted more than to see the strippers, they wanted to be the strippers, even if they were a little older a little more mature than the regulars working there. Read more

The Babettes

Harry loved the dancer/performers, the Babettes at a local bar/casino, but one night in a drunken stupor he said, “I love you girls so much, what would it take to join you?” Read more

Make a Wife

“Dude, seriously?” my best friend asked, peeking his (now her) head out of the bathroom. “Did you have to use your change-water device to change me into a woman? And a busty one too? C’mon, change me back.”
“Nah, sorry,” I told her with a shrug. “I like you like this.”
“Come on, this isn’t funny! Change me back!” she moaned.
“I told you: no,” I said. “You know I don’t have the easiest time with the ladies. Well, why waste time finding a wife, when my device could make one?”
“Ew!” she shouted, before slamming the bathroom door shut. “Why the fuck would I ever be your wife?!”
“Just wait until the mental changes sink in.”
“What? Honey, what mental changes?” she said. I smirked.
“Oh, you’ll see,” I said. “Can I come in?” Silence. Maybe she hadn’t changed completely yet.
“Sure, just let me wrap a towel on,” she said. It worked! I opened the bathroom door and looked in.
There she was, a towel wrapped around her head, her massive breasts exposed, her nipples hard in the cold air. “Well baby, are you going to just stare at them, or are we going to have some fun?”

Big Momma

Henry was a lazy husband and never helped around the house, but all that would change one Saturday morning, when his fed up wife Lana, swapped their bodies. Now “he” would be carrying the weight around the house in more ways than one! Read more

Dees Are So Beeg

“Dees are so beeg,” said Jeffry in his new accent, after his angry ex-girlfriend turned him into a busty foreign woman. Read more

Not a Body Builder, but Into Body Builders

Ted came out of the change machine, not the body builder he requested, but a busty curvy bimbo instead. Ted realized he felt strange right out of the machine, as air brushed his new exposed equipment, and he caught a whiff of the scent, he looked down to see huge boobs, and an exposed slit, and he smelled pussy, his pussy! He wasn’t a body builder, but now he was thinking of hot handsome body builders, and his new pussy was getting wetter and the smell much stronger. Read more

Tanya Torpedos

Harry made an off-hand remark about a woman at the mall who was thick with big boobs to his buddies, saying she looked like a thick busty hooker. Then suddenly he was at his bedroom, though it looked different, and he had huge boobs and was thick with new equipment. His buddies were there with him, but now were all naked and stroking! Read more

Transformation Suck-sessful

Henry had a transformation that was “suck-sessful” according to his captors. He was changed into busty and husky brunette as the captors had a thing for big ladies with big breasts. Since Henry owed the captors money, he or rather she now would make it back as headline stripper/hooker Bonnie Bust. Read more