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Lana Lovewood

Terrence now knows why Lana got the nickname Lana Lovewood. When he was placed in her body during the Great Shift, he was getting creamed by a big huge woody! To make matters worse, he realized in her body he loved the feeling of hot cum hitting his face, then smelling and tasting the manly juice! He knew now he was slutty like she was and he loved wood!


Henry got the magic text from Jed, after he slept with Jed’s girlfriend after getting her drugged up with a mixed drink and having his way with her while Jed was away on business. Henry didn’t know magic even existed, and now would know once the spell took place. Read more

Make to Understand the Desire

Chad waltzed in on his daughter having sex on her bed with Gary, her boyfriend. He was about to pull them apart, he was so angry with her! As he grabbed Chad by the balls and cock base and his daughter by her ankle he was changed into a busty blonde right before their eyes! It was his daughter Casey that did the change! She changed Chad her dad into a female so he would better understand her desires. Read more

Water Faucet to Cock Faucet

Jed and Ned were hot and thirsty from being outdoors. They unscrewed Jed’s garden hose, and turned on the water with Jed grasping the water faucet with his hand out to get the cold water for them. Suddenly they blacked out, and when the two came too, things were different! Read more


The four guys that found the magic genie lamp at the beach were Nathan, Jake, Larry, and George. The one wish genie trying to be fair, said he would grant one wish to each. Already rich beyond belief, the guys, thought they would wish for things that they might not be able to get with money. Nathan wished for a huge libido where he could go again and again, Jake wished for a much larger cock, Larry wished for the ability to shoot huge loads at great distances, and George wished for a cute little sexy cum slut who loves to be with multiple guys at once (notably them). Read more

Man Candy

The hot girl outside the school asked Ben if he wanted some “man candy”, and Ben thought she asked if he wanted some band candy. Ben said yes, and suddenly Ben found himself very female taking five guys from the football team in the storage room of near the gym. Read more

Nasty Shift

The Great Shift landed plenty in peculiar situations, but this one had to be one of the most drastic when the Great Shift hit Henry’s town. Henry was lying on his back feeling the roof leak water on his face, and he was about to get up to try and find the leak, when he blacked out. Read more

Treat Me Like You Do

“You’ll pay buddy boy, you’ll pay dearly with your life,” said Brenda to Brent after yelling at him for him hitting her after she didn’t want the rough sex he was providing. Read more

Taste Test

Jerald was at a taste test, and said all the pies tasted bad. He was being a butthole. One of the ladies that baked took action against him. Read more

Strip Poker Time Travel

Henry’s time travel device would allow you to travel back in time, but you had to take on someone’s body in that time. He knew the location he was in had a fat bald guy living there in 1986, the year he wanted to travel to. He didn’t want to be a fat bald guy, but would do what it took to try the time travel, after all he would return after an hour. Read more