Taking It In

One night right before I was about to skype with my girlfriend I was messing around with her clothes. The yoga pants that she had looked so good on her. Truth is, I have a bigger ass than her and it might look even better in yoga pants. She wouldn’t mind.

They look so good on my ass. But it looks so much hotter when I’m fingering her pussy over the yoga pants like that one time when we were just flirting. She was so wet. So hot.

I turned to my lap top to see my skype was open and live, facing me. My girlfriend watched as I stood there in her yoga pants, filling them out better than she ever could. Her face red with anger and interest. She looked right at me and ended the skype.

I was somewhat relieved that it ended on that until I felt something that I never felt before in my groin. It was so warm. Melting into a numbness. I was melting. Shrinking. I wanted to curl into a ball and let my mind go blank. I was tripping.

I found the couch and scooted back against the backrest. I looked down at my petite body. I legs trembled as they shrank and gained mass in my thighs. Was my ass getting bigger? I turned my laptop to face myself and looked at my body in the reflection. I was so slender and small. My once large ass was twice as big and still slowly expanding in a warm tightness. That’s when I felt something slip inside of me.

It twisted through my abdomen and started to form a womb. I spread my hairless legs and looked down to see my dick slip inside my body and leave a tight mound where my penis used to be. This sight was the most unsettling thing I have ever seen. Watching myself change into a completely different gender and life. I had a vagina between my legs.

Oh no. I think its getting wet. Am I being turned on by watching myself mutate into a fucking woman? Oh my, this was so hot and wrong. I hated to admit it, but it felt SO right.

This next part is what I have always dreamt of and I couldn’t wait to…Oh God, here they come. Leaning forward, I stuck my fragile chest out and watched as my nipples changed into the same ones my girlfriend had. So pink and big.

I looked down at my chest to see it quivering with activity. In slow throbbing waves, fat would build pressure and release. Slowly torturing me as I watched my body betray me and laugh in my face as two breasts forced their way out of me and beyond natural limits.

I felt my jaw crack and vocal chords shift to a higher octave. I was afraid to speak and realize I was a different person on the outside. My face completely and utterly female. I was so fucking sexy. These tits slowly filling with breast tissue have my pussy so wet. I wonder if I….OH GOD! My pussy looks just like when I rubbed my girlfriend’s in these yoga pants.

I’m so much hotter than her now. I’m a wet dream. I. I. I’m gonna. Oh God I’m gonna cum. As soon as it dawned on me that I was fully and completely a teenage girl with huge tits, I came. Soaking my new yoga pants. My two expanding breasts bounced ever so slightly as I rubbed my clit and leaned my tiny shoulders back.

Wait. Oh shit! Does that say LIVE? Am I broadcasting to all of my groups? No it can’t….Oh no. 43 viewers?? Oh no, everyone has seen my tits.


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