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Mom’s Underwear

My parents were away for the weekend, and the only thing they had asked me to do before they left was fold the laundry when it was done. So when the dryer stopped I went downstairs to open it up, and found…
Mom’s underwear! “Great,” I thought. “Just what I wanted to do, fold Mom’s underwear…” I grumbled as I started folding the clothes. After the fifth or sixth pair I started to realize how soft they were. Much softer than my boxers, and I’m sure they were much more comfortable. I got to a noticeably modest looking pair and shrugged, why not? I took off my pants and slipped off my boxers before sliding the panties up onto my body.
I was right! They were so much softer than my own underwear! They were clearly too big for me, but the elastic still held them around my body well enough. I put my pants back on, and continued folding.
I left the panties on throughout the rest of the day, as they were much more comfortable. When it came time to go to bed, I still kept them on, but put on the rest of my own pajamas, and laid down in my bed to go to sleep. Read more


I picked up the bottle and read the label on the side. In fine print, all the way at the bottom, I was able to read the word “reversible”. Good. As much as the idea of growing another boob turned me on, I didn’t want to keep it forever! Maybe just a few fun-filled hours. I put the bottle back on the counter, and picked up my glass of pink liquid. I examined it closely. It looked almost like Pepto Bismal, though it defintitely smelled different. I shrugged, and downed the whole glass, slamming it back to the counter when it was empty. Instantly, intense heat arose in the center of my chest. I staggered into my living room, my vision slightly fuzzy, and sat down hard on the couch.
I felt my bra straps slowly slide over my shoulders, and looked down to see my large D-cup breasts being parted by a much smaller boob, right in the middle. The warmth continued as I felt my bra straps slip over my shoulders, the cups having been spread too far. I pulled my shirt down, exposing more of my chest and giving it more room to expand. My new breast was at least a B-cup by now, maybe a small C.
The heat grew more intense, becoming a burning sensation, almost unbearable, and then…
It stopped. I breathed heavily, and looked down at my heaving chest.
Three, full-sized tits rested on it. I tore off my shirt and undid the rest of my bra, which I had outgrown. My chest had broadened slightly to allow for the extra boob, though it still seemed slightly squished between the other two. I got up, jumping up and down and watched my new breast bobble with the ones I had already had. With glee I skipped over to the kitchen, enjoying the feeling of my three tits slapping against each other as I did so.
I picked up the bottle, to learn how to reverse the effects before I went upstairs to enjoy myself. I smoothed the label over the strangely shaped bottle, and read the word, causing me to drop the bottle, which shattered against the floor.
“Irreversible”. The wrinkle in the label had hidden the full word from me earlier. I stepped carefully around the broken glass and ran upstairs to the bathroom to look at myself in the mirror.
Three boobs. Three large boobs now rested permanently on my chest. I tried to squeeze my new asset in between my originals, but it was no use. There was no getting rid of it, and there was no hiding it. I had three tits. I would have to wear loose sweatshirts if I didn’t want people staring at it, and bras would be a thing of the past. “Maybe a large sports bra would work?” I said, reaching up and rubbing my new boob. All because I couldn’t wait and read the label properly. Read more

Hilary’s Unfortunate Morning Part 2

It had been three months since the magic of the stone had failed, and three months since Hilary woke up with her new massive breasts, and equally massive ass. Since then she had learned to own her new form. Plenty of men paid well to have a night with “Huge Hilary’s heavy hangers”, and she had started to enjoy it. She hadn’t even bothered to buy bras to fit her new tits; she just let them go free in a low-cut top wherever she went, and watch as the men flocked to her at the local bars. Sometimes one would even impress her, and he’d get to have a go with her. Her favorite way was to be taken from behind. She just loved the way her tits would sway and wobble as they slapped against each other, her ass quaking with every thrust.
She had gone a long way from regretting her wish.

Where I Got Them Part 9

Unfortunately there was one thing my male mind never considered would happen to my body after sex: pregnancy. However it did lead me to learning something new about myself: I had a big thing for pregnant women! I stepped into the bathroom, and caught a glimpse of my belly in the mirror. I stepped back, pulling my shirt up as I did so. I rubbed my belly before reaching down into my stretchy pants, sliding my fingers into my moist slit. I reached up, and squeezed one of my boobs. A small bead of milk squirted from my nipple.
“I hope you’re thirsty, cause Mommy’s got a lot for you to drink,” I said to my engorged belly. If only I could be pregnant all the time…

Where I Got Them Part 6

The next morning I woke up from the cold in my room, remembering quickly that I had slept naked. I opened my eyes, and heaved myself up onto one arm.
Wait, heaved? Gosh, why do I feel so much…heavier? Did my tits really get that much bigger? I looked down, and confirmed my suspicion: yes, my tits had indeed gotten bigger. Much bigger. But so had my stomach, ass, and thighs: all parts of me the oil had touched.
“Damn it Alyssa!” I shouted. She would wake up this morning, a nice pair of big tits resting on her chest, but here I am, with big…everything. I shifted my weight and got up off my bed before walking over to the mirror. I got a good look at myself, and I started to feel kind of…horny?
“Damn,” I muttered, turning this way and that, making sure to admire every inch of my new body. “I’m actually…pretty sexy.” I reached up, and grabbed my boobs up into my arms, with some difficulty. My arms sank into my new titflesh, and i loved it. I swayed my wide hips from side to side, and my butt shook along with them. I reached down, dropping my tits with a slap against my body. I reached two fingers inside my moist slit, ready to pleasure myself to the sight of my sexy new body, when I heard the phone ring. I sighed, and went to pick it up.
“Hello?” I said with sass.
“What did you do?!” shouted Alyssa from the other end.
“What do you mean?” I said, aggravated now.
“My nipples are fucking huge! Last night when you rubbed them with the oil, it made them get giant and dark and ugh!”
I had to admit, I was getting more and more turned on and the thought of what she was describing. Maybe…
“Here, why don’t you come over and we’ll figure something out. I’ve had some unexpected changes as well…” And with that I hung up. I knew I’d be hearing the ring of the doorbell soon enough…

Enhanced Milk Part 3

“Is it milk time yet, mistress?” Janine said, on her hands and knees on the kitchen floor. It had taken six months for Ellis to turn her into an obedient milk-cow, but she had finally done it.
“Hmm, I think it is,” Ellis said, her J-cup tits bouncing in her tight bra as she walked over to Janine, the milking machine in her hands. “We have to keep the supply up, after all!” She had finally decided to sell Janine’s milk, and it had been quite the successful venture. Tons of girls of all sizes came and bought it by the gallons. They didn’t know where it came from, and Ellis was pretty sure they didn’t care. And Janine was too obedient to tell anybody.
Ellis hooked up the pump to Janine’s nipples, and the cow let out a soft moan as the milk was pulled from her heavy full breasts. Ellis no longer cared about the woman kneeling on the floor, who used to be her boyfriend. No, now she only cared about the milk she produced, and the money it would make her. She stroked her cow’s long hair, and watched as her udders deflated.

Expansion All Over

“What? Did you think all the growth pills would go to my tits?” your girlfriend said, looking down at you from her new height. She had grown huge in a matter of hours. “Luckily for you,” she said. “I can’t fit in to any of my clothes now, so are you ready to have some fun?”

Where I Got Them Part 5

Alyssa came over that night, a bag packed with her pajamas and some other overnight stuff. I was already wearing mine: long pants and a plain t-shirt that showed off my growing boobs nicely. It was hard, but I had been managing not to stare at them constantly. Alyssa’s boobs seemed much less…impressive than I had thought they’d be, though I’d soon find out why:
“I can see you’re using the oil,” she said after a time, giving me an excuse to look down at my chest. “Unfortunately I haven’t been able to go out and buy any better-fitting bras lately, so I’ve been working with what I have.” So her bras were restricting her boobs. I considered it my duty to free those trapped girls.
“Well why don’t you go change into your pajamas then?” I asked. “I’m sure that would be more comfortable.” She shrugged, and walked off to the bathroom to do just that.
A few minutes later and she was back, and I could definitely see what she had meant. Even under her thick pajamas, I could see that large mounds of her chest. I was already starting to get wet at the thought, and I hadn’t even seen them yet.
“You know,” I said cautiously. “Maybe we should…compare our breasts? I’m sort of curious how much has changed between us.” She looked at me nervously, before saying, “Alright, I guess. It’s not like we haven’t seen each other naked before…” She zipped down her one-piece pajamas, and pretended to look at something on her phone, obviously nervous, as she opened the sides. As she did so I removed my own shirt, releasing my girls into the cool night air. When I threw my t-shirt to the side my eyes were met with:
“Holy shit!” I exclaimed. “Those things are huge!”
“I know…” Alyssa said shyly. “They’re heavy too, but I love the weight.” She threw her phone onto the bed and lifted a tit. Her hand sank slightly into the flesh, and I felt warmth rush over me.
“You’re nipples have gotten larger as well,” I said, noticing the wide area of pink that capped each of her tits, just as they did on mine. “Though I still have a ways to go before I get to your size…”
“Well,” she said. “I have been thinking about using the oil again… Maybe we could right now?…” I gave another look at her giant tits, and nodded. “Let’s do it!” Read more

So Teeny Part 2

“Eee, I can’t believe how small you’ve gotten!” my girlfriend squeed, looking down at my six-inch tall self between her legs. This was her favorite place to put me. I knew that all she had to do was put her legs together, and I’d be squished. I looked up at her face, but my eyes were immediately drawn to her large breasts. I had given her those. Every bit of height I lost only went to making her bigger. She was definitely taller, having to duck under our doorframes now. Her ass had grown, her thighs had grown, and her tits had especially grown.
“Oh, I see you staring at my tits, naughty boy!” she chastised me. “Though I guess I could give you a better look…” She reached down, and picked me up with one hand, setting me on top of her boobs as she reclined back. I could barely keep my balance: it was like trying to stand in a bouncy house. Eventually I fell, smacking face-first into her warm titflesh. I crawled down, eventually reaching her nipple and using it to steady myself.
“OH! Don’t touch that sweetie!” she moaned at me. “You know how sensitive they are.” I rubbed her nipple, and she moaned harder.
“On second thought,” she said, reaching her hand down between her legs. “Keep it up…”

“Thick” Part 2

Cheryl looked at Jeremy, now Jolene, and smirked. She had found the potion had a much desired after-effect: any weight Cheryl would gain, went instantly to Jolene, a fact which Cheryl frequently abused.
Jolene’s tits had swelled, her belly bulged, and her ass expanded. She had retained her slim face, however. A face which now turned to look at its girlfriend, with coy blue eyes.
“Hey baby,” Jolene said looking over her shoulder. “Sorry I’m not decent: you shouldn’t just walk in to my room like that!”
Cheryl walked closer. “But I like you when you’re not decent. There’s so much more of you to look at then,” she said, making firm eye-contact with Jolene’s hard nipples. Cheryl couldn’t help it: the sight of her girlfriend’s body powerfully turned her on. It was hard to resist. She started to remove her shirt, but Jolene stopped her.
“Hey, um, I’ve been thinking,” she said, her hand on Cheryl’s. “Maybe we should…spend some time apart. I just don’t quite feel the connection any more, you know? Don’t worry, I’ve got my things all packed. I just need to get dressed and I’ll be out of your hair.” Read more