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Andrew had just catched a glimpse of the most beautifull girl ever. He didn’t know why, but he just had to walk towards her. “Hello, my name is Andr…” he hadn’t even finished that sentence, when the girl looked up and started directly at his eyes. Her eyes looked weird, and Andrew couldn’t stop looking at them. Although the girl didn’t move her mouth, Andrew could hear her. “You! you will be mine” the girl said inside Andrew’s mind. “Lets go slave, take me home”. Andrew didn’t say a thing either, he took the girl in his arms, and took her to his car. Read more

When Lightning Strikes

This business trip sucked. I had to fly cross country to give a huge presentation to a couple of potential clients and I blew it. Then of course afterwards I had to have an agonizing conversation with my boss over the phone on why I couldn’t sell our product to them. And it isn’t like I had anything to look forward to when I got home, just an empty apartment and a little goldfish. Read more

Taking It In

One night right before I was about to skype with my girlfriend I was messing around with her clothes. The yoga pants that she had looked so good on her. Truth is, I have a bigger ass than her and it might look even better in yoga pants. She wouldn’t mind. Read more


“525” What is it about that number?, “why does it always have to be exactly at 5:25?” I asked myself. It’s been almost a year. It is always the same, every 5th or 25th day of a month, at exactly 5:25 pm I swap bodies with a random person. The first time was on September 5th, and it was quite confusing, especially since I swapped bodies with a pregnant woman. I had some of her memories, but I wasn’t ready for the mood swings. Then 20 days later, I swapped bodies with an old man. It was quite a boring life, but I had no choice but to go on with it. Read more

Random TG

I felt a pouncing headache. I just had to close my eyes for a few seconds. As I opened my eyes, I realized I was in a different place, a few seconds earlier I was having sex with my girlfriend. And now, I am sitting in a couch looking at a computer. I looked at the computer screen and a website [Random TG] was open. I looked down and realized I had breasts, I was a woman. Aparently some girl used this website to change bodies with a random guy. I turned out to be that random guy. I looked on the website for a way to turn back, but the free trial license had expired, and further use required me to pay 1 million dollars. Read more