“What, you thought I didn’t know?” your sister says, looking down on your naked and shrunk form. The top of your head came up to just below her belly button now.
“I caught you peeking in on me when I stepped out of the shower last week, and I knew what you were doing locked in your room afterwards. That’s gross, big-oops, I mean, LITTLE, bro.” I smirked down at you. “I guess if you really want to see them though, I shouldn’t keep these girls from you…” Her voice trailed off as she removed her shirt, exposing her braless breasts beneath. You could feel yourself getting hard.
“You like that, don’t you?” she teased as she ran a finger over her puffy nipples, before giving each breast a nice squeeze. You could feel pressure building.
“Go ahead, just let it out…” she squeezed her boobs together, and knelt down so they were right in front of your face. You lost yourself in her cleavage, and finally it was too much. You came, and with that you shrunk another several inches, while her gorgeous bust increased a few itself.
“Thanks, little bro. Now, if you don’t mind, clean yourself up while I go see if I can cram these girls into any of my bras…”


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