No wires here.

Sam is an undercover DEA agent & is working as a secretary for the legitimate arm of Mick Sallyartist criminal enterprise.

Sam did not enjoy being a woman.

He did not enjoy having to work for such an odious man but he was a federal agent and it was his job to bring down people like him.

Even if that meant having your whole body genetically modified by nanobots turning you into a woman down to your DNA.

He did not enjoy pantyhose bras and knickers.

He did not enjoy having to wear a skirt and wobble around on high heels.

And he especially did not like his little visits from mother nature.

But this was the only way to get close to the man & get to the evidence they needed to bring him down.

So he manned up and did his duty and no matter what it took he would get the evidence they needed.

He just wished he did not have to prove every morning he was not wearing a wire which he thought was just the boss’s excuse to get him to flash his tits for the dirty old pervert who had a few screws loose and it was best to stay on the good side of especially if you liked being alive.


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