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Manic Pixie Dream Transformation

Manic Pixie Dream Transformation

It all started after a depressing break up. John had expressed disappointment to his friend that his life was not like a romantic comedy. That he had no manic pixie dream girl to chase after.
“That’s a pretty problematic trope,” his friend had said.
John nodded agreement. “I’d still like a girl like that.”
“Would she have to be a girl?” His friend asked.
“What do you mean?”
“Could she be trans?”
John thought for a moment, and nodded. His friend gave him a strange wink. Read more


“Right, so, everything is all set, but there’s one more thing I need to let you know. The transformative effects of the nano treatment will wear off after about 24 hours, and after that point you will need to wait 3 hours to activate them again if you choose.”, the tech explained. I nodded along, eager to test out my new nano treatment, but still interested in being cautious about my new lifestyle choice. I had risked taking a whole day off of the cam site just for this… Read more

Race to 10

My best friend Kevin was a warlock and since we were little he had been casting spells on us. Making us older, making younger, changing our genders, pretty much anything you could think a teenage boy would do with his powers. By the time we were in our early 20’s I had seen it all. Kevin came up to me a few days ago and said, “hey Sam I just learned a new spell that can make any changes permanent, including altering reality to match the change.” Read more

Picking Who To Be

It was simple. In front of me is six beautiful women. Six pure females. I need to choose which one I shall become.
There were all kind of variables to consider. It wasn’t all just sexiness. Which body would be the best to have? I didn’t want huge breasts in the way so that ruled the one out on the far right. It was upsetting to let her go because she was all so sexy but it was the right call.
I wasn’t a fan of fair skin, I would of got so much sunburn every summer. That ruled out the second from the right. This also meant that I dropped the third from the right. I wasn’t keen on being a short girl so that got rid of the third from the left.
That left me with two. I was so excited. My palms were sweating profusely. My soon to be gone dick was firmly erect. I pondered and pondered. In the end I settled. I couldn’t go past the one on the far left her face was stunning and she had the nicest ass. I had to have it, I had to be her.
I couldn’t be happier with my choice. I love being a woman and I love being Katie. Read more

Insert rod for transformation

Kyle held the Gender Injector in his hand and primed it for insertion. The information to the nanobots inside had already been transferred, now he just had to lube it up before using it. Read more

Art Changes You

Greg and I had found the device while doing some location scouting for our film. As soon as we realized what it did we were overjoyed. Makeup, costumes, actors: the thing would save us a fortune and make the film look far slicker than we could have managed even with that fortune. We briefly considered using it for some porn to help raise funds for other things, but figured that would just be a huge distraction from getting our film done. Besides the economics of it wasn’t right. Read more

Fit to be a Women

Marissa Hills, a personnel analysis for Diluculo Lapsum LLC’s North American division, was having mixed feeling about what she had done. Three months ago one of her old roommates from college, back when she was a man, applied for a position and she had given him a glowing review. Her friend, a man named Hyunseung Lee, or simply John to those that could not speak Korean, and while he did qualify, the reasons John wanted the job were concerning. Read more

To my friend, A gift @Karen

Karen is an amazing TG caption writer who once did a great piece of work for her friend Alex. Little did she realize that she has magic and in writing the caption, she turned Alex into the woman he always wanted to be. Alex being happy for the first time in her life decided to return the favor. Read more


I couldn´t help but smirk when seeing Alexis in my body begin to cry her heart out when she finally understood that I wouldn´t switch back to my old body. Read more