Fit to be a Women

Marissa Hills, a personnel analysis for Diluculo Lapsum LLC’s North American division, was having mixed feeling about what she had done. Three months ago one of her old roommates from college, back when she was a man, applied for a position and she had given him a glowing review. Her friend, a man named Hyunseung Lee, or simply John to those that could not speak Korean, and while he did qualify, the reasons John wanted the job were concerning.

John had asked for the job because he wanted to be a women, the reason he wanted to be a women is he thought he failed as a man. John was 26, had never had a girlfriend and could not pass the pharmacist program he was enrolled in, he had failed the exams twice. He had spent most of his life in the States, being sent over at 12, because of his undisciplined attitude. His parents believing that cutting all of his social ties would be a good way of getting him to focus. This may have worked to some extent, but Marissa knew from both experience and brain scans the John’s natural social skills were very low, and having to adapt to a new country at a such a vulnerable age doomed him.

While Marissa was sympathetic, her life had been terrible till about 6 months ago, she did not like that John thought he should be a women because he was unfit to do mans work. He believed women should be beneath men. Marissa could not figure out why he was so sexist in this way, hell his mother was a pharmacist and he had failed trying to do that, and both his foster family and parents were fairly liberal people. John’s sexism would have disqualified him if it wasn’t for the treatments he wanted to sign up for.

Diluculo Lapsum policy of allowing there employees to change gender for free wasn’t purely out of good will. They employees had to pick at least one experimental treatment to have the change done for free, and only from the pool of treatments that the company needed more data on. Marissa had been given three choices, and had feminine mannerism put into her muscle memory, while her friend Trinity was not given a choice and had the nerves that were in her prostate gland put into her anal cavity, though from what Marissa understood Trinity was more than happy with this….

John volunteered to have his brain chemistry trained to make him submissive, both socially and sexually, he didn’t want the drive to succeed that he believed he had but didn’t deserve. The company had this option in testing, simply because some people, who wanted to change gender for a sexual thrill, had requested it. He also requested very large breasts, but this was not uncommon.

Marissa looked over the charts that Trinity sent her, John, or Mi Na as she is know calling herself, turned out better than expected. Because she was so submissive her sexist opinions would not come out and she would eventually adopt the beliefs of those around her, this way she would not be breaking company policy. While John didn’t have what it took to be a pharmacist, with a small amount of training, Mi Na had become a great medical assistant.

Marissa’s guilt began to fade when she got to the end of the report, Mi Na’s dopamine levels had increased significantly over the last couple of weeks, and she has enjoyed the male staff flirting with her, thought she is having mixed feeling about her large breasts. Even if she thought she wasn’t fit to be a man, Mi Na knew she was fit to be a women, that’s all Marissa could ask for.


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