To my friend, A gift @Karen

Karen is an amazing TG caption writer who once did a great piece of work for her friend Alex. Little did she realize that she has magic and in writing the caption, she turned Alex into the woman he always wanted to be. Alex being happy for the first time in her life decided to return the favor.

As Karen was writing a caption she got a skype request from an “Alexgirl89”. She opened this request thinking it was a long, lost fling. She saw a woman she thought she saw in one of her captions. “You look familiar?” said Karen. “Yes, because I am Alex, you did this for me and now that I see what is between your legs, I shall return the favor” said Alex.
“Okay, how are you going to do that?” asked Karen.
“Like this” replied Alex.

“Oh, goddess Aphrodite, here my plea, make Karen who she wants to be”. Lengthen the hair, smooth and thick like the finest mare. Karen felt her hair grow to her shoulders and touched it to find it was smooth and luscious.
“Change the frame to show she is a true dame”. Karen shrunk a few inches, lost a significant bit of weight, felt her limbs become slender and all her body hair disappeared.
“Rearrange the face, so nothing is out of place” Karen looked in the mirror and saw what she always hoped her face would look as a woman.
“Inflate the chest, she will not one but two breast”. Karen felt the most amazing experience as her chest grew to nice C-cup breasts.
“Enlarge her ass, she will be a true lass”. Karen felt her butt grow to a nice heart-shape.
“Last to change, her crotch will rearrange”. Karen felt her crotch change and stuck one of her new dainty fingers into her new slit. Once she felt her finger in her she had an earth-shattering orgasm which she knew must have meant she is now 100% woman.

“Thank you, Alex” Karen said. She took a picture of her new self and felt more vigor to make TG captions.


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