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I never really saw myself as an entrepreneur. I just felt I was a budding scientist. My passion was always genetic remodelling. When searching for a cure to combat a vicious disease I found something quite interesting. By accident I had stumbled upon a way to instantly change a person’s gender. I told absolutely no one and for the first time the lure of financial gains tempted me.

I committed my work purely to gender transformation. I tested on animals and it was absolutely succesful. I had also developed an antidote which could reverse all effects. In my excitement I tried it on myself. It worked perfectly, I became a woman with breasts and a vagina. Quickly, I used the antidote to change back without a second thought, it was time to take my idea to market.

People flocked towards my idea. Most were lured by the temporary option thanks to the antidote. They were simply curious and wanted to see how the other half lived. Funnily enough all women who became men swiftly changed back but many men decided to stay female. My creation was actually growing the female population.

I extended my horizons and started up a program for mother’s who wanted daughters instead of sons. It involved a strong education in being a girl and most cane out happy even though the majority had been forced against their will.

A trend was emerging. People preferred to be female. Customers always asked me why I would want to remain male when I could try feminity at any moment. I had been a woman before, momentarily yet I didn’t make a judgement. It was less than a minute. This time I would be a woman for a year.

So once again I was female. I had become a blonde beauty and I constantly observed the sheer attractiveness of my new form. I knew that this was a supreme advertising oppurtunity, if I could show that I enjoyed it I could bring more customers. So I went for it and embraced womanhood. There were the initial foreign feelings and sitting to pee and wearing a bra felt so weird. I learnt make up with the help of my lab assistant who was actually once a man herself only six months ago. She had actually changed her gender by accident but she never complained or requested an antidote. It posed an interesting thought.

Time passed and I was definitely finding positives. Business was booming. For some reason my ownership of a vagina added immense value. To be honest, I liked my vagina too, it gave me space so I could cross my legs, I could wear tight fitting clothing and I was addicted to masturbation and it gave me so much pleasure. I enjoyed having to pick an outfit for each day it was so much fun because there were so many more interesting options. I definitely appreciated being able to cross my legs and having a padded womanly ass when I have to sit for most of the day at work.

All of a sudden people were suggesting I run in politics. A suggestion no one ever made when I was a man, my attractiveness opened new oppurtunities. I made it company policy that each male employee must be a woman for 3 months to decide what they would rather be. I didn’t bother making female employees doing this, they were better off anyway, I knew. I’m not going back to being a man. I love being female. Plus, after the installation of my new policy everyone in the company is female, only two wanted to go back to being men and they left. They refused to show their face. Sometning feels right about seeing an entire workforce walking in high heels. An entire workforce wearing skirts (which is also a new company policy). I don’t even need to make two bathrooms and everyone leaves the seat down. The entire business is an abundance of smiling female faces and I’m one of them. It couldn’t be better.


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