Insert rod for transformation

Kyle held the Gender Injector in his hand and primed it for insertion. The information to the nanobots inside had already been transferred, now he just had to lube it up before using it.

His hands quivered from excitement. He bent over and carefully pressed it into his anal opening.
It filled him up nicely and felt rather nice but that was a merely a sideshow to what would come.

The rod buzzed slightly as the nanomachines was released into his body. The pressure inside of him increased rapidly before the machines managed to enter his bloodstream and thus alleviating the pressure.

It tingled inside of him and Kyle was all giddy. “It´s happening. It´s happening”, he giggled.
He could feel the warm rush of the machines moving around, working fervently to remake him.
At first they concentrated themselves in his abdomen. Kyle could see how his bone structure changed when his hips widened. Next thing was when his ass got an healthy amount of form-giving fat.
His dream was inching closer bit by bit.

The dick began to itch awfully much. Kyle steeled himself not to scratch it and focused instead of watching how it shriveled down and disappeared into his body together with his ballsack. They would be used as raw material to create his female genitalia.
His groin was flat and empty, but not for long.
The itch was back but now somewhat further back in his groin. Skin seperated itself from each other and created two pink folds. The hole that had appeared became deeper and deeper for every second and the insides of it was lined with thousands of nerve endings.
From Kyle´s perspective he was a she now.

With the inner plumbing taken care off the hard part was over. The nanomachines began to work on her body everywhere at once.
Her legs lost all of its coarse hair and was reformed into a pair of shapely legs.
The stomach became flat and her sides caved in to create the beginning of her hourglass figure.
Breasts exploded from her chest as her former muscles was turned into blobs of fat and more nerve endings.
Her hair cascaded down from her scalp and became long enough to cover half her back.

The insane erotic feeling of having her body touched everywhere at once made her more horny than she ever had been as a man.
She slapped her big ass and was satisfied with the jiggle it produced.

The last changes was coming to her now. Her head buzzed as the nanomachines began to rewire her brain.
The salesmen had been dubious about her choice but she had been adamant about it. She wanted the machines to increase her libido and remove her sexual inhibitions.
If there would be pleasure offered to her she wouldn´t hesitate to take it.

Any of it and all of it.


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