Race to 10

My best friend Kevin was a warlock and since we were little he had been casting spells on us. Making us older, making younger, changing our genders, pretty much anything you could think a teenage boy would do with his powers. By the time we were in our early 20’s I had seen it all. Kevin came up to me a few days ago and said, “hey Sam I just learned a new spell that can make any changes permanent, including altering reality to match the change.”

“Ok, so what is your point?” I asked. Not sure where he was going with this. “Well, how about a little wager? We both turn into women and have sex with 10 guys as fast as we can, the loser has to stay the winner’s slave for a week, and anything goes.” Now you might think this sounded a little weird, but I had been on the receiving end of Kevin’s magic countless times since we were kids, and it wouldn’t be the first time I had sex as a chick. That plus the idea if I won I had a powerful warlock to serve at my pleasure for a week was enough to convince me.

“You’re on” I said, and shook his hand. As I did that I felt power flow through me and my vision blurred for a moment before I was staring at Kiera. I knew it was Kevin but when he was in a female body he went by Kiera just like I went by Samantha. Looking down at myself I notice I had blonde hair obscuring the corners of my vision, and a pair of decent sized tits and a curvy body. “Ok slut, first one to 10 wins!” she said and blew a kiss as she left.
Looking down at myself I knew getting laid was going to be as easy as breathing, all I had to do was express some type of interest and they would be eating out of my hand, or my pussy.

However by the time I had gotten to the mall, a perfect place to meet guys, I got a text from Kiera saying, “already on number 2 <3.”

I realized I needed to kick it into high gear and I ended up fucking 5 guys within a matter of hours. Like I said it wasn’t really that difficult to get fucked when I was in a body like this. I was looking for my next target when I got another text from Kiera saying she was on number 7, and I realized that I was going to have to speed this up. Luckily by this hour the mall was starting to empty and there were plenty of places to get fucked without being found.

By 10 pm, which was closing, I had 7 in the bag, and only needed 3 more. Then I got another text from Kiera, “looking for number 10 now, I hope you enjoy submission babe.” I realized drastic measures were necessary. I found myself in a home furnishing store, about the only one that was left open, and I spotted two male employees moving furniture around. They were both pretty well built, I guessed from having to move around heavy furniture every day, and I sauntered over to them saying, “there is no one in the store, I’m horny, how about a 3 way?”

They both looked at me stunned, and after glancing over my body they glanced at each other and shrugged, “why the hell not?” I’m Todd, and this is Alex.” I didn’t really care about their names, and grabbing them by the hands we went over to the bedding section where I yanked off my dress, both guys quickly followed and soon they were caressing and licking my body, making me shiver and moan with delight.

Alex was the first to pump into my pussy, his cock was pretty big and it was hitting me in all the right places. I was keenly aware of my bet with Kiera though so I shifted positions, laying on top of him and I pulled his dick out of me, lining it up with my ass. Todd was looking on in amazement and I looked at him and said in a sultry voice, “what are you waiting for?”

He didn’t need to be asked twice and he pushed into me as well as Alex fucked my ass. The feeling was unbelievable as both were sawing into me, the friction causing pleasure I had never experienced. My whole world was being reduced to pleasure as both guys pumped into me without pause, sending me into an orgasm that wouldn’t end. Finally both guys burst their loads into me, and I knew that I just had to find one more guy to win my bet, but with my head still spinning I asked myself, “did I really want to win this bet?” I had never experienced pleasure like this and now as I lay there shaking, I wasn’t sure I wanted to. A week in the body of a sexy, hypersexual and hypersensitive woman sounded pretty damned appealing.

I didn’t have much time to make my decision though, as I heard a booming, “what the hell?” and another well built guy who appeared to be in his 40’s saw two of his employees and a crazy hot blonde that had clearly just finished fucking in his store. Both guys scrambled for their clothes and attempted to explain, but I had a more important decision. I could convince this guy to fuck me and win my bet, as I hadn’t gotten a text from Kiera, or I could lose, and enjoy a week of mind shattering pleasure. But I had to make a decision quickly. Was I going to be the master or slave?


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