You Can Call Me….

A young man sat nervously in a chair, a beautiful women looked back at him and spoke

“Alright Mr. La’Pointe, do you mind if I just call you Paul? My name is Marissa Hills, thank you for responding so quickly. We found your resume in the files of a company that we recently acquired and thought you would be perfect for the position of composer for our new line of commercials. Now I know you are veteran in the field but if you have any questions please let me know.”

“Paul is fine, and well ya actually, a few. Doesn’t your company require that all men working for you become women? I don’t think I want that, and even if I did, the requirement of the operations seems totalitarian.” Paul said rather stoically.

“Oh no sir! This is a common misconception. You see we do offer our gender changing techniques free of charge to any employees willing to sign a 5 year contract, but its not mandatory. The reason it seems like all of our employees have changed is because there is so much discrimination in other companies that we have a high number of trained, qualified people that know there is one place that can make there dreams come true, without the hate they would get at another occupation. Also while the media focuses on the men becoming women, most of our employees are men were born women, though full disclosure Paul, I was born a man.”

Paul could not believe what he had just heard. He theoretically knew the person that would be meeting him would have changed their gender, but this beautiful women? The process must be flawless.

Paul was visibly shocked when he relayed “Oh, um that is a shocker, If you don’t mind me askin’, what made you want to change?”

“Well a friend convinced me, my life was terrible and I needed a change, a physical one seemed to be the type that was needed. Actually know that I get to look at the records and the personality profiles, I was a perfect fit, as are you.”

Paul was shocked “What? How could you even think that?”

“Paul, we have to screen people, we can’t let people that are against our message get into the company and make our employees uncomfortable. To ease with the changes to the body, we have developed many systems to figure out what needs to be changed in a person to reach there desired results, a personality screening is easy in comparison, and your profile had your chance of coming to this meeting at 78%, but the chances of you signing our 5 year contract at 92% if you came. While the system isn’t precise enough yet to give us an exact personal reason for the desired changes, but if I had to guess you are both unsatisfied with your current social group and you have no real attachment to your body, so you don’t mind trying a new one. Besides we really need you for our new advertising campaign, so the money will be very good so we both know you want the job. So Paul, what do you say?”

Paul hesitated for a moment before speaking

“If you don’t mind Marissa, I would like it if you called me Carly.”


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