Art Changes You

Greg and I had found the device while doing some location scouting for our film. As soon as we realized what it did we were overjoyed. Makeup, costumes, actors: the thing would save us a fortune and make the film look far slicker than we could have managed even with that fortune. We briefly considered using it for some porn to help raise funds for other things, but figured that would just be a huge distraction from getting our film done. Besides the economics of it wasn’t right.

Shooting started earlier than we planned given that we could just do it all ourselves now. The tricky bit came when we had to determine who would play the female lead. In the end Greg won the argument. “Look Zack, you came up with Mariana and know more than just her lines inside and out.” Which was how I ended up gorgeous with tattoos and big breasts. And how Greg ended up ripped to play opposite me.

We had some great days of filming. But we still didn’t have that much of a budget and so were sharing a room. We also didn’t bother changing unless we had to—we didn’t want to break the damn thing, also it saved on prep time to not have to reenter specs. Which was how I ended up showering as Mariana with Greg coming in still looking like Anton from the movie, and heading in to the shower as well. We had a pretty nice room as we were also using it as a set, so the shower had space, but this was a bit ridiculous.

“I’ve seen the body,” Greg said as he took his clothes off.

“You just want to show off that dick you gave yourself. And don’t give me any of that essential to the character bullshit.”

He hefted one of my breasts in his hand and said, “Like these?”

I flushed, and not just because how close to home that hit. “There’s a certain amount of expectation you gotta compromise with.”

He just smirked and I dropped the issue. But the next day I resolved to decrease the size of my breasts a little while doing the costumes. Except, the damn device wouldn’t do anything. Greg came and tried it, but no good.

“Well, damn we’ll need to get some costumes done, but for now let’s get shooting.”

“How can you think about the film right now?” Greg asked, looking far too panicked given that he’d really lucked out in all of this.

“Because, we need this thing to really establish us now. As otherwise I’ve got absolutely nothing going on for me. But mysterious and beautiful star of indie flicks, that can work. Now get yourself prepped and let’s start shooting.”


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