I couldn´t help but smirk when seeing Alexis in my body begin to cry her heart out when she finally understood that I wouldn´t switch back to my old body.

The day she had approached me with the stone and a wish for us to swap so she could pass a test in a class she hated, and offered one date with her as a reward if I passed the test for her. So far I´ve aced almost every test I´ve taken this year.
To her it was easy. Switch right before the test and switch back as soon as I walked out the door.
I agreed of course.

The day arrived and I nervously waited at the agreed upon spot where we would faciliate the swap.
When she rounded the corner she was all business. “Ready?”
“Y-yeah. I`m ready”.
“Good. Do you want to switch with me?”, she asked whilst holding out a gorgeous stone in the palm of her hand.
The stone began to glow and I felt naseous. The very next second I stared at a person looking like myself just in front of me.
He grabbed something from my palm and gave me a serious look. “No funny business. Go in there and take the test. I expect at least B+”
Alexis ushered me away so fast that I barely had the time to get used to her body. When I walked I could feel stuff bounce around everywhere and long hair obstructing my view.

The test was easy. From a ninety minute time limit I needed thirty. I was just about to get up and hand in the test when I understood that this was an golden opportunity to get to know Alexis body.
I couldn´t do much inside of the auditorium except of small movements. So I figured out how to rub her boobs… my boobs, with my upper arm. I could do roughly the same if I rubbed my thighs together too.
I relized it felt nice in her. Here I was, Miss Beautiful, taking a fairly difficult test and was about to ace it. Both brains an beauty in one package.
Then I realized something else. The choice of words Alexis used when we first swapped. It seemed too much of a cooincidence that someone like her that took what she wanted would ask for permission to swap. Was there catch to the swap itself?

I turned in my test almost last and walked out the door.
Alexis was there and waited for me of course.
She grabbed my arm and dragged me away to the secluded spot and hissed to me: “You should have been done ages ago. I had to wait all that time with nothing to do except browsing on your crappy phone”.
She brought up the stone in her palm again: “Do you want to switch back so we can go on a date later on?”


“What did you just say! Just say yes. Do you want to switch?”

“No”, I said with a smirk on my pretty face.

I could see how the blood left her face and how she turned pale.
“That´s my body”, she stammered, “I want it back”

“No, it´s mine now. I like it. And I´ve figured out that you can´t make me switch bodies without my consent.”
“And I´m not leaving”, I said and crossed my arms over my chest.

“Y-you can´t do that”
“Yes I can!”, I said and quickly snatched the stone away from her hand. “Thank you”, I mocked her.
“And don´t try anything funny. As for the world concerns I`m Alexis now, and you are Toby”

With that I turned around and walked away.

The teachers was impressed by Alexis studying improvements and that she didn´t seem as mean as before. Quite the opposite to be honest, as she helped out much more. Many of their more reclusive students even got a confidence boost when she talked with them on equal terms.
Their only worry was Toby Simmons that went from one of their most accomplished students into a total disaster. He seemed to suffer from a depression and muttered that he wasn´t himself anymore.

The school decided that if it got worse they would send him to a physicatrist to help him out to find himself again.


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