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E3 wager (Tuut1 Concept)

“H-hey, Hey you motherfuckers let me go or I’ll kick the shit out of you, I swear!” Lynn screamed from her bounding, bouncing up and down on her knees making her half naked body bounce and jiggle, breaking out in a cold sweat despite her body heating up under a constant flow of fear as the over weight pimple faced man holding the top part of her Chun-li cosplay in one hand and the rag of Chloroform in the other, “You fat fucker can’t you hear me at all shiiit!” she screamed, biceps flexing with what much under her plump body did as she strained against the chain. However, the over weight man was a bit too pre-oocupied chatting up with his not so big but equally pimple ridden cohort. Read more

Hopper Log #4 Beta Testing!

Hey there, Donny the hopper here with an actual live post…or if you’re seeing this on the blog later a post-live post! Now a few of you maybe be wondering, “Hmm, why is Donnys voice male, not coming from the giggling redhead with an ass that can crush soda cans, and hips so wide you could roll cigars on them?” Well, you guys no me and I don’t like to mess around the subject. Especially when it’ no longer a secret as to why we went awol for about…a month now? So here it is, the big reveal!…after a usual product opening *ahem* Read more

Possession party target: Miss Lana

“…Hey man, how long are we just going to sit here watching Lana change?” A creamy white entity whispered to another floating just beside it. “I mean…the party is going to be all weekend and all, but it’d be nice to get there early and have some les-” the entity was cut off by a soft cough of the other as it extends out what looks like a rounded bump to push the other away a bit. Read more

Hopper shoot

“Alright *girls*, pretend like your young, dumb, and yet to be filled with cum!” Jimmy shouts from behind his cellphone as his friends mothers stood before him wearing only the most skimpiest of clothing being a pink ill fitted thong struggling to contain her hips girl while the other older womans seemed to fit her frame just right. Read more

Mommy’s Secret Pleasure

Corey knew the swap would be disorientating, but he wasn’t prepared to be naked with the neighbour Mrs Morgan kissing his ear and her fingers up what could only be his mother’s vagina. He’d only meant the swap to last a few seconds in order to find out where his mother was disappearing to in the afternoons, but right now he was putty in Mrs Morgan’s hands and he didn’t want the pleasure of mature womanhood to end. Read more

Mature lesbian fun

Ike and Turn were having a blast in their mother’s bodies thanks to the swap bracelets they each wore. They’d initially swapped to get out of being grounded, but now the two new older ladies had locked themselves into a bedroom not being able to resist experimenting. Read more


“Okay…so let me get this straight…” a soft voice emitted from a rather young man bound up by the wrist by some yellow glowing halo like object while trying to sit up properly on the uncomfortable brick flooring by the pool, “Y-you are an alien…not here to destroy the world, recon, or even do diplomacy…your just here on vacation!?” The soft voice of the young man turned raspy as he screamed at his Milf of a neighbor Rebbecca sprawled out on her back in her underwear no less on top of her chair. Sighing loudly from having to hear this kids question over and over again in different forms. Read more

Sender and Receiver

“Nathan!….Nathan where are you!?” Alexis shouted from her bedroom as she scrambles in such a panic. She had been given the task of watching over her neighbors mischievous child Nathan over the weekend while his parents are away for a quick weekend get away. However, Nathan has proven to be a bit too much for the poor baby sitter. Terrorizing her with an array of toys from water gun run byes to getting shot by an odd catapult contraption the boy had built. “I swear Nathan, if your going to pull some crazy shit again I’m going to call you parents!” She shouts listening for the soft squeak of his voice, “I’m being serious. I will not tolerate being hit with a fast ball again you li -*thump* huh?” She stopped her rant mid way from a loud thud coming from the living room. Read more

The Return

“Ugh, Lora….” Ashley groaned while adjusting the tight white top to her breast, “I thought you said you were going to get us some practical work out gear….what are you doing?” she asked a little shocked from the sight of her best friend fondling her own tits. “Ahem!” she cleared her throat startling Ashley. Read more


“Uhm…hey man?” (16 year old Jacob asked nervously fiddling with his Go Pro camera.”D-did Miss Palmer actually agree to this segment of the Supernatural film…or any of this at all.” he asked looking quickly back and forth from his camera to the Busty bath robe covered Palmer bent over the tub examining the different types of soaps that are available. Read more