Hopper shoot

“Alright *girls*, pretend like your young, dumb, and yet to be filled with cum!” Jimmy shouts from behind his cellphone as his friends mothers stood before him wearing only the most skimpiest of clothing being a pink ill fitted thong struggling to contain her hips girl while the other older womans seemed to fit her frame just right.

“Now now little boy, that’s not a nice thing to say to two ladies that are kind enough to pose for your, what was it Cheryl?” she asks while reaching around and pinching the blonde older womans tit giving her a little jolt and smile.

“Heeey! That tickles makes me feel tingly you jerk, and I think….hehe…I think it’s for his lil porn collection he’s planning on uploading on the internet like a naughty boy *snap* oh he just got a photo! *snap* and another Katty!” she says giving her friends nipple a little pinch as well all the while Ron snapped away on his phone, marveling at the two ladies sagging bust and soft cuddly bellies and their faces rich with the wrinkles of years of stress and experience till his phone beeped from reaching full capacity on it’s card.

“S-shit…uhm, hold on ladies looks like I got a lil snap happy during the stripping part of our shoot, just give me a second to look through these real quick.” he murmurs and thumbs through the gallery for what needs to be deleted and what could be saved.

Cheryl simply smiled and weighed her sagging tit in her palm and hummed as Katty continued to fondle her, opening her mouth after seeing the smile grow in the young boys lips, “Like what you see? I bet it’s a lot better looking at it instead of taking them silly boy!” she shouts and giggles as Jimmy nods and thumbs through the gallery a bit more till that smile turned sour upon a certain discovery.

“Hey, Cheryl, no fuck it Lars what the heck are you doing?” he asks abruptly, causing Cheryls giggles to cease as Katty looked between her and Jimmy, “what did I say man…what did I say?”

“What do you mean?” Katty asks as Cheryl’s smirk grows bigger and wider as her wrinkled warm hands slides down the curvature of her hips till Jimmy flipped the phone around to show the two the photo with Katty sporting her wonderful smile and Cheryl…well nothing wrong with Cheryls at all saved for one little itsy bitsy thing which was the face of a middle aged man taking place of her own with it’s big cheesy grin…the very same face reforming on her body as Jimmys’ turned a bright red. “Ooooh…Lars, really? The whole point of body hopping babes is to stay hidden and you know make them do shit they would never do!?” Kevin groaned from Kattys body as he slips his hands away from his middle aged partners waist.

“Ahh, c’mon, cut a guy some slack! I jus’ wanted to let the Hoppers know that fellow hoppers claimed these bodies for the shoot!” he says while letting go of his breast, “Who knows, maybe we could get more guys to help with a bigger shoot?” He says to much of jimmys annoyance.

“Yeah…or get us busted by the Anti-Hopper forces you ass, guh I know you’re the veteran here and I appreciate your help with the whole gallery building, but this is like the 3rd time this week you’ve done this dude.” Jimmy explains as Lars shrugs his shoulders and smiles as he wiggles his chest to make his hosts saggy breast jiggle, “Erk, stop that I’m trying to be mad at you!”

“I jus’ want to have a bit of fun boy, but I promise this will be the last time I’ll pop my face out in *this shoot!” he says, crossing his fingers in the air as Kevin shook his head and Lars let his face sink back into Cheryls body bringing back out her sweet motherly face to the world.

“Ugh, fine….you really promise?” Jimmy asks as he looks back down on his phone to upload the gallery to his own little imgur account for later viewing and sharing.

“Yeeeeeees! Now let’s get over this small gripe, Kevin and Jimmy, and enjoy these bodies to the fullest! Especially since Kattys fat butt!” he shouts giving it a soft smack making her body jiggle and jolt, “Is ready for a small photo shoot in the shower hehe.


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