“Okay…so let me get this straight…” a soft voice emitted from a rather young man bound up by the wrist by some yellow glowing halo like object while trying to sit up properly on the uncomfortable brick flooring by the pool, “Y-you are an alien…not here to destroy the world, recon, or even do diplomacy…your just here on vacation!?” The soft voice of the young man turned raspy as he screamed at his Milf of a neighbor Rebbecca sprawled out on her back in her underwear no less on top of her chair. Sighing loudly from having to hear this kids question over and over again in different forms.

“Yes! For the last time you annoying human yes!” she shouts while still on her back, rubbing her hands from the soft belly around the mid riff to her equally soft, but saggy, breast on her chest, “We like taking breaks as well! Not every extraterrestrial being is clamoring to conquer earth, or, let alone heard of it.” she groans with one swift motion lifting her body up and leaning forward, breast dangling in front of the boy while her pussy is visibly from between her legs through the very thing fabric of her panties. The boy squirms and closes his legs before quickly looking away.

“Plus, I understand you are concerned. I botched this up by crashing through your planets atmosphere on this continent so early in the morning, wasn’t expecting anyone to be watching honestly.” Rebbecca says, using her hand to move most of her hair to the other side of her head. “Nor was I expecting to be taking a host to enjoy this vacation…was honesty just going to explore the wilderness, see some trees, and maybe get a bit of Poontang heheh.” Rebbecca says’ giggling creepily while the boys expression goes from embarrassed to confused. “And it’s not everyday especially for you humans that an Alien…well crashes through the atmosphere, lands in your neighbors pool, then shoots out of the pool and hijacks her body as soon as she comes running out in her underwear…my bad!” she shouts giggling again.

The boy just glares at his neighbor showing off the goods so casually without her own consent. Clearing his throat to speak, “Well…thank you for acknowledging the situation, but I just don’t understand. Vacationing on other planets? stealing bodies? poontang!? this all too much. plus watching a tentacle like creature leap from the pool and stuff itself into my neighbor is all too much!” he shouts, hearing Rebbecca sigh again and smile down upon him as he opens his legs up by accident showing off a bulge within his shorts setting off a strange tingle done his hosts body.

“Hmm~, look. let me address your concerns since I kinda know where this might go. One, I’m only going to be here for one earth week!” she claims, the boy sighing in response, “Two, this is like…how you guys vacation you leave to someplace you really shouldn’t be at for extended periods of time. Deal with it it’s no different out in space among the grand space battles, and three that is correct! Poontang! I know you guys like to do this sort of thing…oh I know. and I can tell from your little surprise there~.” she says, pointing at the bulge at his crotch, then to herself. “And how her bodies reacting~, that we can gain some benefits from each others needs on the last one.”

“W-w-w-what!? W-woah wait a minute now we are jumping some barriers. y-your an alien, that’s my neighbros body I-I’m not ev-” she silence him with a soft motion of her hands somehow stealing the air from his lips.

“Now, don’t lie to me boy. I’m kinda of curious as to why you were in the back yard of your neighbors property before I came crashing in, where you trying to get a peek at her or should I say me~.” she purrs, leaning in some more with her soft face becoming a bit more stern. The boy shook his head till Rebbecca tugged at her bra making her breast bounce which for some reason got him to speak up, “Y-yes…I-I may or may not have a crush on Rebbecca…” he admits making his neighbor smile widely.

“That’s my human. Now, normally if you were caught taking a peek at your neighbor while shes getting dressed you would be in big trouble huh? nor would your neighbor be giving you this kind of show too?” She asks, his response was a simple nod with his cheeks burning a bright red. “But this isn’t your neighbor Rebbecca…let’s make a deal! let’s say Rebbecca here never knew her perverted neighbor peeks at her and she’ll never know that her body was stolen by a pervy alien for some well needed vacationing but in exchange, you and I are going to have some…fun~. okay?” she ask.

The boy pondered, still unsure from how fast these chain of events are happening. Startled as the yellow halos that had him bound by the wrist snaps and fades away. Gulping loudly without much of a choice in the matter if what the alien is implying that it could alter her memories. “Y-yes I aggree to this idea…but this is still sooo sooo wrong…” he says.

Rebbecca smiles again and holds her hands out, “I it’s a deal, we should introduce ourself at least. My name is Rebbecca Lorans 37 years old with a child hanging out with my ex husband for the week. Aka Glies the body-snatching alien from Alpha sector 9.” she says so calmly , the boy unsure of how to respond raises his hand shakes his neighbors, “M-my name is C-chad…17 years old who lives with his mother? I-I uhm…aka th-” he was silenced again with one hand motion.

“That should be enough for your introduction…now how about you and I head inside and get me acquainted with my host~?”


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