“Uhm…hey man?” (16 year old Jacob asked nervously fiddling with his Go Pro camera.”D-did Miss Palmer actually agree to this segment of the Supernatural film…or any of this at all.” he asked looking quickly back and forth from his camera to the Busty bath robe covered Palmer bent over the tub examining the different types of soaps that are available.

“Yes, how many times do I got to reassure you man?” (16) Year old Michael said with Palmer sultry voice while looking over her shoulder. “Don’t tell me you’re getting cold feet now of all times?”

“ of course I’m not getting cold here it’s just she didn’t seem to cooperative when you turned into a ball of slime and shot into her mouth and possessed her. cool to see and recorded but I got a feeling you might be bullshiting me man.” he voiced finally getting his camera ready. “I mean thanks for using your powers to make the skit possible a silly possession video but this is a bit mu-” He was cut short by “Palmer’s” glare from over her shoulder, she got up from the tub resting her hands on her hips with the rob loosened.

“Now Jacob, Remember our agreement.” she said wagging a finger at him. “We do your supernatural innocent possession video and then we do my Late night special.” she said before adjust her breast in the robe lifting messing with them excessively. “Besides, willing or not you got to see the neighborhood babe naked and get to record her naked AND…get to have some fun.” she said happily.

Jacob trying to register what she said could only mumble out incoherent gibberish while his friend giggled at his confusion. “You heard me baby, now turn that thing on its time for the show.” she said disrobing her self slowly.


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