E3 wager (Tuut1 Concept)

“H-hey, Hey you motherfuckers let me go or I’ll kick the shit out of you, I swear!” Lynn screamed from her bounding, bouncing up and down on her knees making her half naked body bounce and jiggle, breaking out in a cold sweat despite her body heating up under a constant flow of fear as the over weight pimple faced man holding the top part of her Chun-li cosplay in one hand and the rag of Chloroform in the other, “You fat fucker can’t you hear me at all shiiit!” she screamed, biceps flexing with what much under her plump body did as she strained against the chain. However, the over weight man was a bit too pre-oocupied chatting up with his not so big but equally pimple ridden cohort.

“Look, I’m not saying you haven’t improved at all since you’ve started hopping bub, but there’s no way I’m giving up on letting some new guy come up and take my wheels, I caught her, I spent the money, and I get the claim!” The over weight man calmly explained to the other as he shook his head and looked over to girl as she gazed up to him in a snarl.

“No, no no my friend, I spotted her, I told you the cosplayer closest to looking like Chun-li physically was gonna be here and even supplied you wth the Chlorofo-*thump*” The larger man dropped her dress onto the floor and shook his finger at his face all the while the woman breast shook and slapped against the flesh of her legs muscle before looking around the small little white canvas wall pen for her growling and screaming at them to much of both their annoyances.

“You know the tradition…Two hoppers in safety with a body they want…we gotta duke it out my Newbie friend…This is still two big of a hop, sponsored cos-player, beautiful thick and strong too, and probably will have no trouble getting any guy o gal we want…” His fat lips curled against his face as he held his hand out. “What do you say, we fight it o-” his hand was slapped away.

“WITH!” The scrawny man shouted. “One condition added…this is just a disagreement but let’s make it a little interesting…loser has to pay for dinner, do all the photography work on the private time cause baby I want some extra mulla without hurting her account AND…after E3 the winner gets VIP access to her sweet thick body eh?” He asks, now holding his own hand out as Lynn tries to interpret what the hell those two are talking about as the fat man strokes his double chin with deep contemplation before a smile breaks out on his face again, reaching out and shaking the smaller ones as they both turn to face Lynn.

“Oh, and loser has to uncuff the girl, no funny business…” The fat one murmured as his own eyes glowed red and the other purple before both men turned into a blur on leaping up and diving into the Lynn’s back while the other dove straight into her breast, both forcing themselves into her making her stare wide eyed and mouth wide open as both hoppers crawl and squirm beneath her skin, jerking left and right under a discomforting sloshing sound emitting from her belly under her tits jiggling.

Her eyes flashed red, “G-give it up punk, I’m the veteran here! 12 year going and strong grrrr~!” her voice cracked before shutting her eyes and opening them again, glowing purple, “Years don’t mean shit…wiiiith out technique!” She screamed shutting her eyes again, shaking violently with her toes tapping against the canvas, long has the girls mind been shut off as her belly gurgles loudly every time the two clashed under her skin.

“Giiiive up, no fuck you, NO FUCK YOU!” she snarls and goes fully erect as something crawling under her skin moves through her breast as her chest heaves heavily screaming in pain once the two forces bottle neck in her throat. “G-Get off t-tooth pick…Y-you first Fatso!” She screams, eyes fluttering before one of the forces crawl completely into her brain before gulping the other one down, gasping loudly as her eyes shut tight…shivering and jiggling under her pained quakes.

She sat there in silence for a few minutes, occasional jerking and gasping before she leaned forward. “Oooowaaa?” she groans in pain before sitting up straight and tossing her head back with some large blurry object being ejected from her belly, eye shooting wide open with a soft purple hue to her eyes, looking at the blur reform into the largee fat man mid air before he crashes against the floor.

“Bullshit! BULLSHIT!” He screams scrambling to get up as ‘Lynn’ winked and stuck her tongue at him, body still shivering and drenched in a bitter-sweet sweat. the fat man rising to his feet, scowl burned against his own face with his shaken hands reaching into his pocket to fish out the cuffs keys before he walks over and leans over to free the woman who immediately fired her hands out and cupped her massive droopy tits.

“Told you mister veteran, technique over age!…and experience I guess!” she pipes up and smirks at him before jiggling her tits in her own hands and gazing at her bugling bicep in amazement. “Niiiice catch hehe…”

The fat old hopper growls and palms his own face into his hand. “You better not fucking tell anyone I lost to a green horn, I swear or I-“

“Up up up, we had a deal…and being a good sportsmen I will honor that, now be a good pig and fetch me my Cos-play, my body maybe pleasantly thick but it’s fucking cold and we’ve wasted too much time fucking around here! gotta get to E3!” She excitedly says to the man whose scowl only grew with more hatred and resentment…but a deal is a deal unless he wants to have his power sapped for the weekend or more…


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