Possession party target: Miss Lana

“…Hey man, how long are we just going to sit here watching Lana change?” A creamy white entity whispered to another floating just beside it. “I mean…the party is going to be all weekend and all, but it’d be nice to get there early and have some les-” the entity was cut off by a soft cough of the other as it extends out what looks like a rounded bump to push the other away a bit.

“Nuh huh my friend, school is over, we left our bodies, and I had use my sister to get your soul out of yours so let me just watch Lana change for a bit…just a bit I think you owe me that.” The other one quipped and sighed as it eyes Lanas fat body be stripped oher her everyday work clothes giving it a more…subtle beauty now that it’s missing it’s conservative covering of a button up and business skirt, “Just, look at her Mike…so full and plump like a pear, could drown your head between her legs with those thighs!” he shouts before getting a sharp jab to the side.

“Oi, keep your voice down you dimwit!…look I know I said i’d try attending the bigger girls section of the party but…just hearing you go gaga over your target like this is killing it for me kinda.” Mike says as Lana casually strolls around her living room in the nude, humming to herself as she head towards a small white bag resting on the couch before fishing around for a piece of lingerie, showing off her great creamy brown ass for both to see, “O-oh…okay, now I see why you want her for anything other than her tits…so why are we still waiting?”

“Just wait, juuuuuuust wait my friend and please refrain from scolding me or you won’t get your little treat for coming along!” He says to Mike as Miss Lana whips out her phone to take a picture of the little leopard print number she’s going to slip into for her bf, but Nate had something else in mind, “You see, I’ve been following her after class for about a week now…as creepy as that sounds and I witnessed her slipping into a little shop called Comehither and well, knowing how she’s in a relationship I can imagine how her boyfriend, the lucky bastard, might react to her little slutty piece I plan on jacking her body to rob him of the pleasure and give myself a little treat for breaking a sweat in her class on testing.” Nate calmly explained to Mike amidst his worried mumbling.

“Look, I’m going to point out how fucked up that sounds later after you eat me out or however it’s going to work this year…whose house we meeting up at with our bodies?” he asked but Nate seemed to be too occupied keeping his eyes on his teacher slipping on the outfit as she struggles to stuff her breast into the cups as his white body glowed brightly almost blinding Mike, “O-oh…guess you are getting a bit heated up there man?”

“Yeah…I think I’m just about ready. Her will is strong but I think can take her!” he shouts catching Lanas attention just as she finished slipping her left tit into the cup, looking around with concern of the soft whisper to her ears.

“Heh, go get her tiger I will just go fi-” he was cut off by an objecting grunt.

“No no you stick around man I’ll just be right back!” he shouts as his milky white body darts towards Lana who is still stuck in a sort of confused trance till his body collides with hers merging into her skins as her body spasms and convulses among pained cries of fear as her senses are gradually dulling and fading as Nate mind connects with her central nervous system till her vision returns, mind stolen and body under a new perverted management as she blinked a couple times and flicks some hair out of her line of sight.

Mike however, watched carefully out of concern seeing as the last time Nate got a little carried away and possessed a woman to fast she would toss him out of her body not too long after stealing her body…but his nerves are soothed as Lana smiled big and gazed down at her massive chest as she rand her fingers over her own round belly till they rested ontop of her mountainous, “Hmmm…I’m in Mikey, though I can’t see you now.” Nate says from withing her body.

“It’s okay man…you can at least hear me right?” He asks as he get’s an affirming nod and a little peek of her hands squishing her tits. “Hehe, alright man well I’m going to head off fo-“

“No no, your getting your little treat now, okay?” she asks as she cocks her wide hip to the side while groping her own tit.

Mike sighed loudly and floated down towards the woman going at her own flesh like some kind of sex toy, “Okay, I’ll amuse you. What’s my treat?” he asks, still wondering if he could catch Miss Regis getting home from school so he could use her phone to call the party master for information.

Her lips puckered up as she blew and air kiss at him, “Good, now…I want you to actually return to your body, hop on your bike and pedal your ass as fast as you can over here, and I’m going to screw your soul out of your body!” she proclaims before giving her own rear a smack, “Consider it a favor.”

Mike tried to pass of as calm but he felt a pull on his spirit to return to his own body as he inches closer and closer to the wall, “y-you got yourself a deal but that means I owe you something when I get into my other body!?”

“Don’t worry about it, just get back here quick and you can pay me back with whoevers lips you’ll be getting baby!”


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