The Return

“Ugh, Lora….” Ashley groaned while adjusting the tight white top to her breast, “I thought you said you were going to get us some practical work out gear….what are you doing?” she asked a little shocked from the sight of her best friend fondling her own tits. “Ahem!” she cleared her throat startling Ashley.

“Oh!..uhm…These are practical Ashley! it…ehh keeps the girls nice and supported!” she said jogging in place making her breast bounce excessively, Ashley shook her head in disapproval.
She motioned to her exposed belly, “And what about this Lora?”

“Oh…that’s so we get stay nice and cool! Yeah! It even makes you more aerodynamic!” she said, but Ashley wouldn’t give.

“Lora, let’s take these off and return these to the store. We look ridiculous, let’s get those once pieces instead.” She said, while tugging at the shoulder strap of the leotard, but before she could slide it off Lora yelped.

“What!” Lora freaked out, “How could you suggest such a thing” she yelled grabbing Ashley by the shoulders and shaking her making her tits bounce about. “That would ruin Dave and I’s plans to posses you both and have some sweet lesbian sex!” Lora immediately clasped her hand over her own mouth as her friend stared at her wide eyed. “Lora, you need help, I mean real help” Ashley screamed as a green orb of energy shot into her back causing her body to convulse violently as her eyes rolled back, she gasped for air. Lora, knowing what’s happening held Ashley till she stopped convulsing.

She shook her head and her eyes rolled out a different color. They were brown like Dave’s. “Fuck!” she yelled panting heavily, “You beat me to Lora, Rick! And you almost blew our cover!” Ashley yelled at her.

“Ahh shit, sorry Dave, but I told you last night I wasn’t going to leave Lora’s body while I was in her to buy these outfits.” She told her grabbing her tits.

“Wait, you’ve been in her body the whole night!?…di-di you?” she stammered.

“Yep, with the long vibrator under the bed baby, felt good under these babies.” She winked at Lora while lifting her breast letting them got to tug on Ashley’s top. “These girls are almost as big as mine, say Dave let’s air out these puppies before we do some “exercise” eh?” she giggled turning to the mirror as Ashley did the same.

“On my mark. 1…2…3…Go” Ashley yelled as they both pulled their tops up letting their massive tits hang free. Both the sixteen year olds in the older ladies bodies smile awkwardly in silence admiring their next few hours of entertainment.

“Wh-whoa dude, your tits are so huge….Thanks for sharing you spell with me.” she said wrapping her arm around Lora’s waist and pressing a tit against hers.


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