Hopper Log #4 Beta Testing!

Hey there, Donny the hopper here with an actual live post…or if you’re seeing this on the blog later a post-live post! Now a few of you maybe be wondering, “Hmm, why is Donnys voice male, not coming from the giggling redhead with an ass that can crush soda cans, and hips so wide you could roll cigars on them?” Well, you guys no me and I don’t like to mess around the subject. Especially when it’ no longer a secret as to why we went awol for about…a month now? So here it is, the big reveal!…after a usual product opening *ahem*

Have you ever been hopping solo and thought that it would be great to get your non-hopper friends in on the fun? Sure, you can ask another hopper to do it, but wheres the fun and familiarity in that when you could watch a close buddy of yours spazz out in a female body…or grow to love it? Well, say no more for we in the Hopper Log community with the help of too many wizards and IT monkeys banging heads with software developers we have developed and app that allows a hopper to channel his inner spiritual…eh fuck it this is too long, basically you lend your close buddy the essence of the body hopper by taking a picture of him, or her we don’t discriminate, and a picture of a target, hit the big ole HOP button and bam! you could even watch his body fling across the room and merge with the target!

So! -swivels camera towards the woman- This is our lovely beta tester, Greg! -she waves- who has not had the fortune to be blessed with the ability to hop….but now he can experience it for himself! Why don’t you give them a lil shown hun?

“Okay!” she squeaks and rises from her corner, running her hands down her hips quickly while giggling awkwardly, turning her rear towards the camera to give it a lovely rub, “Hehe, s-sorry I’m not exactly used to this just yet!” she says turning around and standing still with her hands patting her sides.

Eh, you’ll get it eventually Greg, this is your first “hop”…so like anything I’ll give you a personal review of the device and Greg will do one of Michelles body…

Pros: Hey, you can put none hoppers into peoples bodies! It doesn’t take up a lot of space on your phone or battery and with the amount of essence it takes you’ll barely notice a change in your body! And if you save the photos of your victim you could use it for future reference with your friends, shit, that makes me a bit jealous.

Cons: Your friends might not like being shoved into others bodies, we are still in a beta so sometimes the hop doesn’t work at all, if the app crashes you might have trapped your bud in a foreign body for sometime and if I’m going to be honest, you might piss off some hoppers by hogging the bods….that’s about it on that end.

And now onto Greg, buddy, ole pal, neighbor for 14 years whose gotta stop snooping. You remember how to review a bod the Donny style?

She nods and clears her throat, “Okay! soooo…u…uhm yeah this hot piece of ass is named Michelle Reilly, y-yeah kinda generic for a red head, I know….but just look at her! I don’t have to say it but she is a pure bottom heavy woman with some, uh, A+ curves and e-ehm….Donny can you take over?” She says, giggling awkwardly.

Fiiiine, so she is a banging babe, baberoony, a babe with a ass of gold and tits to make a mans heart melt! She gets an A+ for that wonderful but…though it may not be too comfortable for those looking to wear anything loose on her since…well I got a look at her wardrobe and boy does she got the tight wear for days! And she aint lacking in the chest department, but for those looking for someone more petite and not so curvaceous you’re gonna have to wait till Tuesday…

And as usual, if you want the location of this beauty, then hit up my usual number or this quick little hotline XXX-XXXX, and thanks again to all those who helped develope the app and will continue to do so till we got all the kinks out!

Pros: Hey like we both claimed she has ass for days my men and women, a selection of tight clothing to parade around town and a moderate amount of spending money for those looking to splurge! Sadly, no lingerie for those little deviants on here, I know who you are! “Yeah!” she pipes up from the background. Aaaan a plus is she is single, and ready to mingle!

Cons: Same as the pros….BIG and ASS. If you don’t like any of those then things will be a bust for you and Michelle. Secondly, she has a stable job she likes to maintain and work so if you hop her boys and gals….you gotta work and work hard, or we’ll gimp you…other than that on your time off you could enjoy as much as you damn well please!

Other tha- “This has been the mount Michelle Reilly and please treat her nicely and sane!” she spoke up, followed by a soft chuckle from Donny.

Yeah, she got it. Happy Hopping!


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