Gossip Girl Costume

My girlfriend, Sarah was a die hard Gossip girl fan. I don’t know why, I thought the show was so ridiculous. But for some reason I agreed that this year we could do a Gossip Girl costume. She loved Blake Lively’s character, but Sarah was shorter and brunette, so she decided to be the other lead. Leighton was the actresses name I think. She had tasked me with figuring out who I wanted to be and putting my costume together. I figured a simple suit would cover the bases.

But on October 30th, she asked if I was ready for the Halloween Party, and I realized I had never put any work into the costume.
“Whoops” I said.
“Really Mike? Are you really that lazy?”
I apologized profusely.
“Luckily for you Mike, I prepared for that. The associate at the store I bought my costume from had a great idea as a backup, and they were running a two for one costume deal! Let me go change then I’ll show you what your costume is.”
She went in the bathroom for a few minutes, and when she came back out she was a twin of Leighton! I did a double take.
“Impressive Sarah”
She twirled around. “Thanks, now your turn. I need you to clothes your eyes while I slip on a wig, I want it to be a surprise.” She grabbed a bag labeled “Bella’s”

I did as I was told…didn’t need her angrier at me. I felt a long wig come down over my head, it was down past my shoulders…I wish I knew the characters so I could guess.

I found myself shifting in my seat feeling uncomfortable. So I decided to speak up?
“So who am I?” But as soon as the words came out of my mouth I realized something was up. That wasn’t my voice.
“Open your eyes Mike.”
So I did, and I noticed blonde hair to each side of my face.
“Or should I say Blake”
I looked down and realized why I had been shifting so much in the chair. My body didn’t look like my body any more. I looked in the mirror in the room. I was Blake Lively!

“This isn’t possible” I muttered. I was feeling over my body….Boobs…a shapely butt…..hips…and that was definetly not a penis anymore!

“So here’s my conditions…”mike”… I am keeping you as Blake for 24 hours. We are going to go shopping together, you are going to be my best girlfriend just like in the show…we are going to the party…to the club…flirting with boys…and then perhaps I’ll help you change back tomorrow.

24 hours later, Mike collapsed on the bed in a gorgeous yellow dress, next to Sarah in a black dress. They looked at each other, laughing and smiling.

“I still can’t believe you spent the night with Ryan!” Sarah said to Mike.
“What can I say, he looked good in that baseball player costume, those tight pants dont leave much to the imagination”
“I can’t believe how good your hair and makeup looks for having spent the night losing your virginity as a woman! Must be the spell.”
“Sarah, I have a question….”
“Yes, Blake?”
“Do I have to change back?”
“Well I love having a new best friend, and you are so much more fun to be around, so I’ll go ahead and throw away the magic wig remover that I had purchased. Welcome to womanhood”

They both just smiled and laughed, and headed out to shop again later that day!


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