Sender and Receiver

“Nathan!….Nathan where are you!?” Alexis shouted from her bedroom as she scrambles in such a panic. She had been given the task of watching over her neighbors mischievous child Nathan over the weekend while his parents are away for a quick weekend get away. However, Nathan has proven to be a bit too much for the poor baby sitter. Terrorizing her with an array of toys from water gun run byes to getting shot by an odd catapult contraption the boy had built. “I swear Nathan, if your going to pull some crazy shit again I’m going to call you parents!” She shouts listening for the soft squeak of his voice, “I’m being serious. I will not tolerate being hit with a fast ball again you li -*thump* huh?” She stopped her rant mid way from a loud thud coming from the living room.

She smiled and dashed out from the kitchen, holding her breast in place to keep them from flopping out nearly skidding against the hardwood floor as she shouts, “Ah-ha! Found you!…what?” She asks seeing nothing in the living room except for a plain looking hat with a note on it. “What the heck…Nathan…” Alexis mumbles, leaning forward and grabbing the note, reading aloud. “Dear Alexis, I will quite our game of hide-n-go seek if you put on this hat…Well Nathan if it means you’ll come out then fine!” she shouts, tossing the note on the floor and grabbing the hat. Examining it’s plain appearance saved for the metallic button on the top with a small little bulb in it, “This is so stupid.” She grumbles, Placing the hat on top of her head making the metallic button glow.

“There Nathan, I put on the stupid hat now co-com-come..o-out?” she stuttered, freezing in place from bolts of electricity shocking her brain, eyes fluttering as her eyes roll back. mouth left moving and yet no words came out. Chest jiggling with her body spasms till a soft thud could be heard from the closet making the door swinging open followed by the young Nathan’s unconscious body flopping to the floor wearing a copy of the hat. At that moment Alexis body stopped shaking with her eyes rolling back out glowing green with a loud gasp escaping her throat.

She touched her cheek then her lips, running the other hand down to her chest giving it a soft squeeze with her eyes focusing onto Nathans passed out body, “N-no way…that’s my body…no THIS!” she shouts, grabbing both her breasts with a big smile growing quickly on her face, “Is my body! that’s the sender of my brain…and this is the receiver!” she yells hopping up and down making her big creamy breast concealed under an expensive black bra stopping as the top of her breast slaps her chin, “Oh! hehe, so glad this invention worked better than my catapult…now i can work on improving this device…and playing with these hehe!” she giggles, looking down at her tits and wiggling her torso to make them jiggle and shake, “Oooh~! I’m going to have fun with you Alexis! or should I say I’m going to have fun with myself!” she cries, laughing as she continues to jiggle her tits.

“Finally, get to play with these girls~! better be careful though. My brain is only temporarily downloaded into my new body. if I remove this hat I’ll be sent back to my body in an hour…hehehe not like I’ll be removing it any time soon.”


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