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The buffet of life: NatalieAmore’s serving

**This is the first of what I’m hoping to turn into a serial request series, so please read the first chapter and comment if you have anything you would like to have written. The tag for this series is going to be #BOL series** Read more

Race to 10

My best friend Kevin was a warlock and since we were little he had been casting spells on us. Making us older, making younger, changing our genders, pretty much anything you could think a teenage boy would do with his powers. By the time we were in our early 20’s I had seen it all. Kevin came up to me a few days ago and said, “hey Sam I just learned a new spell that can make any changes permanent, including altering reality to match the change.” Read more

The fog in my mind

I was happily lapping away at some cuties pussy when it started, it was like a fog began to lift from my brain. It was subtle at first, and I didn’t really know what was going on, so I continued to lick her pretty little pussy until she came for me. After I got done with her the fog lifted a bit more, and things started to feel out of place. My tight, fit, and busty body felt just a little alien to me, and the idea of servicing girl after girl seemed weird as well. I couldn’t put my finger on it though so I followed my best friend Stephanie’s advice, “when things are unclear, hold on to what you do know.”
Stephanie was such a great BFF, we had loads of fun having great lesbian sex with each other as well as teaming up to seduce other girls. Though we had an open relationship where we could sleep with as many other girls as we wanted, we came home to each other. So I followed her advice, and started going down on the blonde in my bed again, putting my expert tongue to use. Read more

Drop and give me 100

Kyle was pretty out of shape, so he decided to sign up for the new gym in town called New U Now, the agent that signed him up was a scorching hot brunette with a killer body, and every other employee also seemed to be at the peak of human perfection, so Kyle was a little intimidated. He decided to go with a personal trainer though and when he met the trainer he was even more intimidated. Her name was Sandra and she was a tight blonde with a gorgeous body and an absolutely perfect ass, so much so that Kyle almost tripped over his own feet as she led him into the personal trainer part of the gym. Read more

My milkshake

Kyle had ordered a new milkshake off the internet, guaranteed to “give you your fantasy body in 40 days.” It seemed too good to be true but he figured what the hell, and hit the order button. To his surprise it came the next day, and when he opened it he was disappointed to see that they were all strawberry flavored. Read more

My secret

Turning into a girl had long been a hobby of mine, I had known a spell since I was a kid that would turn me into a girl for several hours. My grandmother had taught it to me, and it turned me into what I would have looked like had I been born a girl. It was harmless and I enjoyed living a bit of life on the other side. Read more

Cum Ring Finale (dark ending)

This is a sequel to my earlier story The Cum ring and it’s sequel so you probably want to read those first. I plan a different ending if this one get’s a favorable response Read more

Fitness done easy

John and Kyle were depressed, they were overweight, in their late 20’s and no prospects for jobs or relationships. They had also been friends for a long time and finally decided to make a pact to get themselves in shape. It worked for a while, they motivated each other, ate healthier, but after a while it fizzled out. A few weeks after their lost their drive they were both walking in the mall and complaining to each other how difficult it was to get fit. Read more