Drop and give me 100

Kyle was pretty out of shape, so he decided to sign up for the new gym in town called New U Now, the agent that signed him up was a scorching hot brunette with a killer body, and every other employee also seemed to be at the peak of human perfection, so Kyle was a little intimidated. He decided to go with a personal trainer though and when he met the trainer he was even more intimidated. Her name was Sandra and she was a tight blonde with a gorgeous body and an absolutely perfect ass, so much so that Kyle almost tripped over his own feet as she led him into the personal trainer part of the gym.

“All right” she said. We’re going to start with 100 pushups, a nice light warm up.”

“Warm up? There is no way I can do 50, let alone 100 pushups.”

“Have a little faith Kyle”, she responded, and as Kyle dropped to the floor Sandra bent over, giving him a generous view of her cleavage. Not wanting to look weak in front of an attractive woman Kyle started counting them off.

“10” he said, continuing to do the pushups. Unaware that his arms were thinning out a bit, losing some of their fat, and his legs were doing the same. In fact his entire body was slimming down with every push up he completed.

“20” Kyle grunted, he was definitely feeling the burn in his arms, though not as much as he would have expected after 20 pushups. Kyle was also aware of a tickling sensation on the back of his neck, it felt like hair but he kept his hair short, and he figured it must be sweat trickling down his neck.

“30” Kyle knew something was off, he didn’t think there was a chance in hell he would have made it to 30 but he was actually less tired than when he had started. “Maybe I found my second wind.” he thought to himself. While these thoughts were running through his head every single strand of body hair below his neck was vanishing and every blemish was disappearing, leaving behind a silky smooth skin.

“40” Kyle felt like he was in the zone now, and was effortlessly doing the pushups now, his face now softened, his adams apple disappearing and his face and eye structure changing into a soft and lovely female form, his teeth straightened and became brilliant white, and his body finished slimming down.

“50” Now the changes picked up. Kyle’s butt started filling out a bit more, his hips expanding and his waist contracting, giving him the hourglass figure that so many women long for but so few have. Every trace of fat disappeared from his belly, leaving a perfect midsection.

“60” Kyle realized that the pushups were beginning to feel a little different at this point. As he neared the bottom of his pushup his chest began hitting the floor, a little earlier each time as a pair of perfect DD tits began pushing their way out.

“70” at this point Kyle was not even aware of anything else, concentrating on hitting 100 pushups to impress Sandra. Kyle didn’t miss a beat as memory after memory was replaced with those of a girl. Every pushup seemed to change a year of his life into a year of her life.

“80” Kayla could see the light at the end of the tunnel, she was grunting with the exertion by this point. She was thinking about sexy Sandra was and how determined she was to get to 100. She was also glad that she had worn her all black yoga pants today, she worked hard to make her ass as perfect as it was, and she wanted Sandra to take it all in. She was equally glad that she had elected to wear her red sports bra that showed off a tremendous amount of cleavage when she was doing pushups, and as Kayla looked up she could see Sandra’s gaze locked onto hers.

“90” she panted. Almost done. Sandra was licking her lips, gazing down Kayla’s shirt as Kayla went up and down, trying to finish the set. Both girls were flushed, Kayla from the exercise and her arousal, Sandra just from arousal. The last of the changes hit Kayla, finalizing the switch from a timid, overweight straight guy into a gorgeous, confident, and very willing bisexual girl.

“100” Kayla said with a tone of victory in her voice as she sat up and stared at Sandra in triumph. Sandra smiled, turned around and locked the door to the private workout room. Making her way back to Katie she smiled and said, “I’m impressed, you are one hell of an athletic woman.”

Licking her lips, Kayla said, why don’t I show you how athletic I am, and pulled her in for a kiss. Her arms almost gave out, and Sandra took the lead, embracing Kayla. “It’s alright love.” she said after several minutes of making out and fondling. I have an idea for our next workout, diving.”

Kayla looked at her and said, “my arms are still too tired to do anything.” Sandra silenced her with a finger to her lips and pulled down Kayla’s yoga pants, exposing a very wet pussy underneath. “I meant muff diving.” and without another work began eating Kayla out with expert skill.

1 hours and several orgasms later both women lay there panting, sweat and girl cum covering the floor and each other, when Sandra turned to a still naked Kayla and said, “how was that for a fitness regimen?”


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