Revenge gone wrong, or right

I don’t know if anyone will like this storyline but I did and have an idea for a sequel, let me know if I should continue this.

“That’s a good girl” Tiffany whispered to Katie as she sucked on the bulbous head of this hunks cock. As her mouth was full of his delicious member she thought to herself, “why do I have thoughts ringing in my head about being a guy? What kind of guy has beautiful blonde hair, a slim little body, and perky cock-sucking lips? Silly me.” and she went back to sucking cock that her BFF Tiffany was so generously holding for her.

Meanwhile Tiffany was holding the cock that her boyfriend was so happily sucking on. She had found out that Katie, previously Kyle, had been cheating on her with some blonde and decided to get revenge by turning him temporarily into the gorgeous cock sucking slut that was bobbing up and down before her. She knew of a magic shop in town that specialized in gender transformation and paid it a visit.

Thanks to a little vial of potion which Tiffany slipped into Kyle’s drink, it turned the drinker into a mirror image of the last person they had sex with and a vastly increased sex drive. Tiffany had been so gleeful in turning Kyle into a cock sucking slut she didn’t even bother to read the directions. It had been easy to trick him, just pouring the vial into a beer had been enough, and as soon as Kyle had polished off the beer he fell into a deep sleep.

Tiffany brought in a co-worker of hers, a guy she had always had a crush on named Tom, he was a big muscular hunk, and if rumor was correct, a really thick cock. It was very interesting to watch her boyfriends body slim down, losing it’s muscle as the mass redistributed itself into a slim but curvy body. Finally the transformation was done and Kyle, now Katie woke up.

She looked confused for a second, but the other part of the potion made the changes feel natural to the subject, and Katie’s new eyes fell on Tom’s cock, outlined in his pants. She immediately got up and pulled his pants down, freeing his dick, which was just as big as the gossip at work had mentioned. Katie immediately went to work on his shaft, to my surprise taking him all the way down to the base, apparently her new body didn’t have a gag reflex.

A couple minutes of Katie deep throating Tom was really getting Tiffany horny as well, so she decided to take advantage of the opportunity and grasped Tom’s cock, feeding it to Katie and encouraging her to continue. Watching the blonde that was previously her lying cheating boyfriend gave her immense satisfaction as well as a growing wetness between her legs. Finally, thanks to Katie’s apparently expert blowjob skills, she felt his cock tense around her hand and fill Katie’s mouth with his sticky cum.

The next move caught Tiffany off guard, breaking away from his cock, she pulled Tiffany close and gave her a cum glazed kiss, Tom’s cum swapping back and forth between the two of them as their tongues danced in each other’s mouths. That’s when Tiffany felt faint, and for a moment it felt like she had passed out. When she came to Katie was on her back, Tom fucking her with an intensity that made Tiffany’s wetness drip down her legs. She quickly shed her clothes and made her way over to the pair, and pulled Tom off Katie.

Instead she lowered herself down to Katie’s pussy, clearly she had been out longer than she thought as there was cum leaking out, but she didn’t care. Instead she began eating Katie out, Katie’s pussy juice and Tom’s cum smearing her face. While she was doing this she also gave Tom an invitation by sticking her ass high in the air. He clearly needed no encouragement and she felt a pair of strong hands on her waist, and then a surge of pleasure as Tom penetrated her from behind. Everything felt so amazing and so natural, it never occurred to her that anything was out of place. She and Katie always had fun picking up hunks and having him fuck the two of them senseless, just as the spell intended.

Meanwhile, sitting on the counter was an empty little vial that had held the potion, and on the label it said “warning, avoid exchanging bodily fluids with changed subject for 24 hours or transformation may be contagious.”


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