The fog in my mind

I was happily lapping away at some cuties pussy when it started, it was like a fog began to lift from my brain. It was subtle at first, and I didn’t really know what was going on, so I continued to lick her pretty little pussy until she came for me. After I got done with her the fog lifted a bit more, and things started to feel out of place. My tight, fit, and busty body felt just a little alien to me, and the idea of servicing girl after girl seemed weird as well. I couldn’t put my finger on it though so I followed my best friend Stephanie’s advice, “when things are unclear, hold on to what you do know.”
Stephanie was such a great BFF, we had loads of fun having great lesbian sex with each other as well as teaming up to seduce other girls. Though we had an open relationship where we could sleep with as many other girls as we wanted, we came home to each other. So I followed her advice, and started going down on the blonde in my bed again, putting my expert tongue to use.

Several hours, and several orgasms later, I left, never even finding out her name, my mouth still tasting like her pussy. Then the fog in my mind began to lift again and I started to become aware of memories that weren’t mine. They were dim and unclear, more flashes than memories, but flashes of a different life, of being a man. That didn’t make any sense, I had lived my entire 21 years as a beautiful young woman, never once had I had any desire to be a guy, they were gross. Then I remembered another saying that Stephanie liked to use. “When things don’t feel right, embrace what you know, and it will be ok. I tried to give Stephanie a call but there was no answer, she was in class so that didn’t surprise me, and I decided to follow her advice.
I had an uncanny, and what sometimes felt supernatural, ability to seduce girls, so I decided to go to the mall and find someone to play with.

Malls were a perfect place to find girls, everything from nubile teens right out of high school, to middle aged moms, and everything in between. Right now I was looking for something in between, and found one within a few minutes. She looked to be about 35, a very tight figure, and she was wearing a sundress. I followed her into a clothing store, and while she was near the back I brushed by her, brushing my hand along her hips, that was all it ever seemed to take, and she turned, her eyes lighting up as she saw me.

Within minutes we were within a dressing room, her panties at her ankles, her dress hiked up to her waist, my fingers plunging in and out of her from behind as I kissed her neck. I brought her to 3 quick and intense orgasms, and the quiet moans were unbelievably sexy. I ended the encounter after that, as the fog on my mind lifted a little more, leaving one very confused and horny soccer mom behind. More memories were starting to come to me, they still weren’t as real as my memories as girl, but they were getting close. I also remembered a name, Kyle Robinson.

Another saying that Stephanie was fond of using was that “ignorance is bliss.” I decided to heed her advice and I tried to put things out of my mind. Within hours though that idea died, as the fog lifted even further, and now a life as Kyle Robinson felt as real as mine. I decided to google this guy, and to my surprise there was a guy by that name in our town that had gone missing about 2 years ago, gone without a trace.

I was thinking now that there was something weird at play here, and decided to talk to Stephanie about it, she always had good advice. When she answered I told her what was going on, and she told me to come straight home. That sounded a little weird, I mean what could she do to take care of this, but I could never bring myself to argue with her, she always knew what to do.

By the time I got home I felt like a stranger in my own body, life as Kyle felt like the real one, and there was a phantom figure in my memories, someone who had manipulated me and transformed me into a supernatural, pussy obsessed sex freak. There was nothing but the figure in my memories though, no name, no face, no body, just a presence.

When I got home Stephanie was waiting there, two glasses of wine waiting. I started to feel a little at ease, Stephanie always knew what would calm me down. I sipped at the wine and spelled it all out for her, and by the time I was done the wine was gone. Sitting close to me she played with my hair and said, “my little Kayla, I thought we were done with these little episodes with Kyle, I see I’m going to have to give you a stronger dose.” In that instant everything was clear, Stephanie had been my girlfriend as Kyle, and secretly a closet lesbian, by some magical means she had turned me into a slutty lesbian with no memories of Kyle, and a supernatural ability to seduce women.

My heart sank at that realization, and all the sayings suddenly fell into place as well. They were mantras she had trained me to repeat to try and suppress any attempt by Kyle to resurface. I immediately plotted my escape and attempted to run, but instead of bolting for the door I found myself sinking onto the couch.
“I doubled your dose of the potion little one, it has some side effects, you will be almost permanently aroused, and you won’t have to touch girls anymore, you will give off an aura that draws them to you as a moth is drawn to a flame.” I felt the fog settling back over my mind, I knew that I had once been a boy, but I couldn’t remember my name. Wait a second, how would I have ever been a boy, not with this sexy body. In fact, I didn’t need boys at all, that’s what all the delicious girls were for.
Stephanie looked at me, and I looked back, aware that my mere presence was enough to seduce women, and then it happened, we both attacked each other in a frenzy of passion, and over the next several hours she confirmed what I already knew with absolutely, I was a sexy, nymphomaniac of a lesbian, and that was pure, irrefutable, truth.


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