Cum Ring Finale (dark ending)

This is a sequel to my earlier story The Cum ring and it’s sequel so you probably want to read those first. I plan a different ending if this one get’s a favorable response

Kayla had to be careful, it had been several months since John had transformed her into a slim little slut by dosing her with his cum, and even now she was still somewhat under his spell. The first day, the day John changed, she had no chance as he hit her with wave after wave of cum, and her entire personality was submerged in a tidal wave of lust and magic. In the days that followed her life started to come back to her.

She was still horny all the time, she would still suck any cock that was put in front of her, but she realized that the magic that messed with her mind would fade as her grandfather’s protection spells regained their strength. Kayla was lucky that John was busy building his harem and interested in other girls, allowing the spells to gain even more strength. Unfortunately John never tired and had seemingly unlimited stamina and would fuck Kayla every now and then, filling her with cum, and overriding her personality again, then it would take several days to recover. She couldn’t even resist him, the magic fading only allowed her memories and personality to begin reemerging, it did nothing to curb her craving for his cock.

Finally John went long enough without filling Kayla up for her to come to a course of action. She had to get the ring away from John. The problem was he never took it off, using it constantly to change unsuspecting girls into submissive, cum hungry sluts. Luckily Kayla had an idea, there was one girl in particular, a girl named Leslie who Tom had transformed not long ago and who had quickly become one of his favorites. John made sure each of his girls had each other’s numbers so Kayla called her, just intending to probe and suggest a threesome with John.

Leslie quickly agreed, jumping at any chance to be with John, so she asked John to come over in a few hours and Kayla knew this was going to be her chance. She told Leslie that they would start the foreplay by asking John to strip down, take everything off, including any jewelry, and give him a massage. Kayla quickly dressed in a blouse and short skirt and then drove over to Leslie’s place, eager to bring John to justice, it was just a matter of getting the ring off so he couldn’t dose her and let her slutty self reassert itself.

The plan fell apart immediately when she walked in. At first Leslie’s apartment looked abandoned and dark, but suddenly she felt strong hands around her waist and a rock hard dick rubbing against her ass, and she immediately melted into a puddle of arousal, knowing it was John that was embracing her.

“Hello Kayla, I had a feeling you were up to something, and tonight proved it. I noticed you distancing yourself from me every chance you got, and on more than one occasion you asked about my ring or I would catch you staring at it.”

He continued, “when I got here and Leslie said it was your idea and that you wanted me to remove all my clothes and jewelry, I knew I was right.”

Kayla knew she was caught, but John’s presence was already overwhelming her and the cock pressing against her ass was too much, and that’s when Leslie stepped into sight.

“Don’t be mad at her.” John said. “She had no idea she was giving you away, she just couldn’t keep her mouth shut.” as he was saying this he pushed Kayla away and started stripping, soon he was standing before her with nothing but his massive dick staring at her, and Kayla knew she had lost.

Leslie crossed the room and started making out with Kayla, quickly removing her skirt and blouse. Kayla got to her knees as John came closer, and she found herself staring up close at his wonderful dick. She was already overwhelmed by lust, but she knew this was it, John knew her plan, and was going to give her such a thorough fucking and rope after rope of cum, there would be no going back.

The strange thing she thought to herself was that it only made her hornier. Knowing that she was fighting a losing battle and knowing what the inevitable outcome was. Before she could go any farther Leslie grabbed her head and forced it deep down onto John’s dick. The second her lips touched his member her fate was sealed, and her slutty side took over, bobbing up and down on his cock, her gorgeous eyes locking with his as she gazed up at her man. It wasn’t long before John came in her mouth, and Kayla eagerly gobbled it down.

John wasn’t even close to done though, determined to break her once and for all. He fucked Kayla all night, only stopping occasionally to give Leslie a little attention, bathing her with wave after wave of magic cum. By the time dawn broke and the threesome was laying there, covered in sweat and cum, Kayla was past the point of no return. Every defense she had been given shattered, her entire world overwhelmed, and her sole purpose to service her man, gobbling up every drop of his cum..forever.


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