Magic Breasts

Have you ever heard of a magic cock? Yeah it sounds like one of those weird urban legends where a man can turn anyone who sees their cock into a cock sucking slut, but did you ever think about what the female version of that would be?

When I was in high school I found out just what it was. It started with my boyfriend, when he asked to see my breasts he was turned into a hot girl that craved pussy. I got used to it and came to enjoy the attention the new girls would give me.

When college came around I just found more conquests, which is how I wound up with this hot little brunette licking my pussy. My roommate picked at that moment to come in with her boyfriend, both of them getting a full view of my bare breasts as the change overtook them.

I lost track of how many times we all orgasmed together that night, I love having magic breasts so much! I just wish I could bring the joy of womanhood to more men.


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